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Solar Energy Projects

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As part of the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Initiative under the Green Priority, the City of Reno is installing solar photovoltaic (PV) and solar thermal systems on city facilities. Nevada ranks first in the country in solar resources with an average of 300 days of sunshine per year. As with other renewable sources, solar energy will help Reno become less dependent on foreign and domestic fossil fuel energy and thus improve its air quality, create local jobs, as well as further reduce its carbon footprint.

Solar PV systems convert sunlight directly to electricity. These systems are used to offset the electrical load of a facility and decrease the carbon footprint. Low and medium temperature solar thermal systems are generally used for heated pools and domestic hot water. The City has installed solar thermal systems on the Northwest pool and four fire stations. The City now owns 260 kW of PV and receives power from a Power Purchase Agreement with Enfinity for an additional 1,027 kW.

Downtown Events Center, 180 kW system, installed January 2010.Solar

All system installations have been generously supported by the NV Energy RenewableGenerations rebate program made possible by the Nevada State Legislature and the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada. Citizens and businesses can get more information on these systems by following the previous links. You can track all system production of the City's systems at the Green Energy Dashboard.


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