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Bike Parking

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Make sure the post or rack you are using is well secured to the ground. In Reno, it’s illegal to use trees, sign or light posts. A cable lock is not enough! Cable locks are just too easy to cut.

Always lock your frame with a high quality U-lock or a heavy NYC Chain and secure your wheels. Get rid of any U-lock with a round barrel key. These locks can be broken into easily by an experienced thief.

Make sure to fill up as much space inside the "U" as possible with poles, posts, and your frame and wheel. Leaving empty space gives room for a thief to pry open your lock.

These are generally 3’ high grey boxes that fit 2 bikes on opposite sides.

There is a set of lockers located on the 1st floor of the Parking Gallery at First & Sierra. Ask the attendant at the booth for tokens to lock up your bike safely and securely.

In Reno from Jan.1, 2008 – Nov. 12, 2008 there were 199 bike related thefts (including just the wheels or a seat being stolen) reported to the City of Reno Police alone… so lock it up!
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