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Wildfires - Defensible Space

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Protecting homes from the threat of wildfires is a priority in Reno. Read below to learn how you can get permission to create defensible space on public property surrounding your property.
The Reno City Council adopted an ordinance to allow for property owners to create defensible space on public property adjacent to their homes. If you want to create defensible space on public property, call Reno Direct with your request and provide your name, address and contact phone number.

A Parks official will determine ownership of the property (not all open space is owned by the City) and contact you with permission and provide any instructions or guidelines, depending on the particular circumstances of the area involved.

If necessary, a Parks and Fire representative will meet with you to determine the size of the area to be cleared, methods of access and materials to be removed. City staff can provide large trash bags and make arrangements to remove the vegetative debris after the cleanup project is completed. For the greatest benefit, a group of adjacent property owners should work together to clear an area along the entire fence line.

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