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Be Prepared and Be Safe

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Car splashing through roadwayPrepare your family

  • Make a family disaster plan and emergency kit for floods, earthquakes and fires.
  • Buy a battery operated radio or TV and keep new batteries on hand.
  • Learn where your emergency kit, battery radio and flashlights are kept.
  • Never walk or bike through rising flood waters.
  • Don’t go watch rising creeks and flood water, it’s not safe.
  • Keep neighborhood storm drains clear of leaves and debris.
  • Never get in the way of work crews when it’s flooding.
  • During a power outage when traffic control signals are out, treat the intersection as a four way stop and proceed with caution.

Sign made by residents to drivers    Prepare your business

  • Determine the risk of flooding at your business location.
  • Tune to local radio and TV stations for emergency information.
  • Update emergency contact information for all employees.
  • Know where to move critical equipment such as computers.
  • Know where to get sandbags and how to protect your business.
  • Design an emergency evacuation plan for employees.
  • Stockpile emergency building materials.

Information above is from the Truckee River Floods Awareness brochure.

For more information about flood preparedness go to the Northern Nevada Flood Information page.

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