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We hope our staff directory helps you find the appropriate department and person(s) who can best help to answer you question(s). 

Jensen, Matthew Deputy City Attorney IICity Attorney(775) 326-6636
Johnson, BaileyOffice Assistant IICity Clerk(775) 334-2032
Johnson, ValerieGis AnalystCommunication & Technology - Technology(775) 785-5859
Johnson, RobertGis TechnicianCommunication & Technology - Technology(775) 348-6911
Johnson, Daniel Manager of Communication and Technology Communication and Technology(775) 334-2301
Jensen, AricDirector of Community DevelopmentCommunity Development(775) 321-8302
Johnson, JaneéOffice Assistant ICommunity Development, Community Development - Housing (775) 334-2218
Jordan, PeterBuilding Inspector IICommunity Development - Building(775) 870-3597
Jolly, KimManagement AssistantCommunity Development - Building(775) 657-4548
Jurado, GabeFirefighterFire, Fire Department - Emergency Operations(775) 334-2300
Johnson, GregCaptainFire, Fire Department - Emergency Operations(775) 334-2300
Joell, KevinOperatorFire, Fire Department - Emergency Operations(775) 334-2300
Jensen, BradCaptainFire, Fire Department - Emergency Operations(775) 334-2300
Jacobsen, DennisCaptainFire, Fire Department - Emergency Operations(775) 334-2300
Jacobo, SusieCourt Specialist IMunicipal Court(775) 334-1286
Jordan, JoeCourt Specialist IIIMunicipal Court(775) 334-2405
Jorgensen, Bret Rec Prog Specialist IiiParks, Recreation and Community Svcs(775) 334-2260
JANES, KATE Rec Program Specialist IParks, Recreation and Community Svcs(775) 334-2262
James, HaroldSite SpecialistParks, Recreation and Community Svcs(775) 250-3848
Johnson, Matt Maintenance Worker IPublic Works - Sewer Lines(775) 334-2243
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