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The judges who make decisions at Reno Municipal Court, along with their court staff, are hardworking individuals who care about the law and the community they serve. They are committed to providing a fair and impartial legal forum where your case can be resolved in a just and timely manner.

Department One

Judge Gene DrakulichJudge Gene Drakulich
Judicial Assistant: 775-334-2296
Department Clerk: 775-334-2590


Department Two

Judge Shelly T. O'Neill

Judge Shelly T. O'Neill
Judicial Assistant: 775-334-2297
Department Clerk: 775-334-2591

Department Three

Judge Dorothy Nash Holmes

Judge Dorothy Nash Holmes
Judicial Assistant: 775-334-3822
Department Clerk: 775-334-2592

Department Four

Judge Tammy M. Riggs

Judge Tammy M. Riggs
Judicial Assistant: 775-326-6673
Department Clerk: 775-334-2186