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Government Structure

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The City has a Council-Manager form of government with five Councilmembers representing wards and one Councilmember elected at large for staggered four year terms. The Mayor is the chief elected official and formal representative of the City. Elected at-large, the Mayor serves a four-year term. The City Attorney and Municipal Court Judges (4) are also elected. The City Manager is selected by the Council and is the City’s chief administrative official. The City Manager is responsible for all City business.
The “City of Reno” consists of the City and the Redevelopment Agency of the City of Reno. Although the City and the Agency are separate legal entities, the Reno City Council exercises oversight authority of the Agency. The members of the City Council act as the governing body of the Agency and City staff provide management support and technical assistance to the Agency.

The City provides the full range of municipal services contemplated by statute or charter:

  • General government services provide centralized policy management, financial management, information and records management, human resources, risk management, legal, and business management services to the public and operating departments.
  • Public safety, health and sanitation, and judicial services include police services, consolidated fire services including prevention, fire suppression, and the municipal court.
  • Information Services provides information technology support and a centralized 911 dispatching service for the City, County and other local safety agencies.
  • Public works include storm water management, wastewater collection and treatment, streets and traffic management, facilities maintenance and fleet services. Public works also provides maintenance of the Redevelopment Agency facilities including the River Walk and the Wingfield Park Amphitheater.
  • Culture and recreation services provide safe and attractive parks, diverse recreational programs, and special and cultural events. In addition to community wide programs including recreational, sporting, instructional, and aquatic activities, there are special programs which target at-risk youth, special needs citizens, and senior citizens.
  • Community support services include comprehensive planning, administration of federal CDBG and HOME grants, development review, building inspection, and zoning enforcement.
  • The Redevelopment Agency provides the following services to the downtown business district:
    • Economic development - working to attract private investment in new and existing development.
    • Special plans and programs - develops plans, programs and ordinances to revitalize the downtown as the economic, civic and cultural center for Northern Nevada.