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Tree Box Filters demonstration project

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Low Impact Development

Snapshot of a tree filter boxSome of the trees planted in the downtown Virginia Street sidewalk area (2006) have the ability to provide filtration of road runoff before it enters the storm drains and the Truckee River. Look for these 4 trees between the Truckee River and Second Street, along Virginia Avenue!

These tree box filters have openings to the gutter called "curb cuts." First, the initial runoff flows from gutters enter the boxes, rather than going into a storm drain inlet and straight into the river. Pollutants in the stormwater are then filtered by the soil, cleaned up and broken down by soil microbes and tree roots, and the water can be taken up by the tree. If the tree box fills up with water, an overflow drain inside the box allows overflow to enter the storm drain system and river, preventing the flow from moving back out into the gutter. 

Thank you, Truckee River Fund for funding this project! (

 In February 2006, the City of Reno and Kennedy/Jenks Consultants were awarded the Outstanding Achievement in Civil Engineering Award in the environmental category for this project from the
Truckee Meadows Branch of the American Society of Civil Engineers

*Just another way the City of Reno is working to Green Up the City!

 Tree Box Filter