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Educational & Volunteer Opportunities

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This section features several resources for citizens... helping us all to understand how we are all connected through water, to the Truckee River!  

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VOLUNTEER to protect the river!

Painting storm drains is cool and a fun way to help educate our neighbors.

Our message? Watch your runoff, folks. Our mantra? Keep Our Truckee River Clean, Only Rain in the Storm Drain!

Our method? Stenciling storm drains in the community with paint, helping folks understand that our river starts here, in the storm drain and gutter. Project constraints: The concrete must be over 65 deg. and dry weather, to allow paint to dry well!  Contact the team at 334-2350 to check out kits & learn more.

                 Volunteers stenciling graphic on ground  Stenciled graphic of fish saying dump no waste drains to river

What do University of Reno Ecohydrology and Fisheries students, Water Drop Patch Girl Scouts, and Bailey Charter School third graders have in common?  They are Truckee River stewards!  The 2nd Annual Urban Watershed Awareness Day was a big hit in 2012, with over 300 storm drains marked!  KTMB helped coordinate the 2013 stenciling event, as a big part of the Truckee River Cleanup Day, September 28. BIG thanks to all our wonderful volunteers and coordinators. Over 500 storm drains were stenciled during the KTMB 2013 Great River Cleanup! 

Teachers and Homeschoolers 

We have posted educational activities for kids to learn more about how we each affect storm water and the waterways, wherever we live! Activities that are helpful in growing stewards of our waters include:  Aquatic Project Wild: Where does Water Runoff After School?  Something's Fishy Here, Riparian Retreat, Watershed, Water Canaries.

Please email to volunteer with your community group during our warm seasons, or call 775-334-2350 and ask for the storm water team.