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NV Contractors BMP Field Guide

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Construction Site BMPs

The 2013 Nevada Contractors Field Guide is available in PDF format below. This field guide has been updated and is available at Reno's Public Works Environmental Office, 7th floor at 1 East First Street for $20.00. 

The regional policies and procedures presented in the Nevada BMP Field Guide are recommendations unless adopted by ordinance or code by the local entity. If the language in this field guide and the adopted ordinance differ, the ordinance language shall take precedence.

Clean runoff starts with you!

This BMP Field Guide will take you through the erosion prevention and sediment control process for construction sites. It also provides BMPs for construction site materials and wastes and BMPs for maintenance, fueling and cleaning activities. The guide starts out with sections on pre-project planning and operational activities. It then provides practical guidance for erosion prevention and sediment control by starting at the top of the hill, above the project site, and proceeding down the slope through the bare soil areas, onsite ditches and channels, traps and basins, and on down to the storm drain inlets and the waterways below the site.

Download the Nevada Construction BMP Field Guide (2013)

And reference the old fire resistant seed mixes for urban areas: Appendix A Generic Revegetation Seed Mixes for Northern & Southern NV