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NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to the property owners within the proposed City of Reno, Nevada 2019 Special Assessment District No. 1, and to all interested persons, that:

The City Council of the City of Reno, in the State of Nevada, has provisionally ordered the acquisition and improvement of the following projects, to-wit:

Four street construction projects consisting of 14 street segments, including without limitation, grading, graveling, oiling, paving, sealing, sidewalks, driveway approaches, alley approaches, saw cuts, curbs, gutters, valley gutters, handicapped pedestrian ramps, culverts, drains, sewers, manholes, inlets, outlets, retaining walls, off-site adjustments, and all appurtenances and incidentals (or any combination thereof), including all real and other property therefore, with intersections (said Street Project being hereafter sometimes referred to as “Assessment Unit No. 1”); and

The Council has determined that the streets included in such projects may be combined together in an efficient and economical assessment district; and that “Assessment Unit No. 1” shall constitute a separate assessment unit for purposes of remonstrance and assessment.

The City Council has further determined that, for the purpose of designation and identification, it is desirable that the hereafter described Project be known and identified as “City of Reno, Nevada 2019 Special Assessment District No. 1.”

The said projects will improve the following streets within the City Right of Way.  When the below FROM and TO limits are used with streets, the limits shall extend to the centerline of those streets.  To-wit:

Assessment District No.1

Reno Neighborhood Sidewalk Unit P-1

STREET NAME                       FROM                                      TO

Marsh Avenue                         St. Lawrence Avenue               Arlington Avenue

Gordon Avenue                       California Avenue                   Monroe Street

Reno Avenue                           Nixon Avenue                         Arlington Avenue

Taylor Street                            Nixon Avenue                         Arlington Avenue

Walker Avenue                        Nixon Avenue                         Arlington Avenue

RTC Sidewalk Unit P-2

STREET NAME                       FROM                                      TO

Sutro Street                              Sunvilla Boulevard                  McCarran Boulevard

Sutro Street                              Fourth Street                            Commercial Row

First Street                                First Street                                Lake Street

State Street                               Virginia Street                          Lake Street


RTC Sidewalk Unit P-3

STREET NAME                       FROM                                      TO

North Hills Boulevard              Buck Drive                              Golden Valley Boulevard

Buck Drive                              Lemmon Drive                        North Hills Boulevard

RTC Sidewalk Unit P-4

STREET NAME                       FROM                                     TO

Sierra Highlands Drive             Idlebury Way                           200ft east of Simons Drive

Ralston Street                           Eleventh Street                         University Terrace

Ohm Place                               Mill Street                                500ft south on Ohm Place

Except as may be shown specifically on the preliminary plans filed in the Office of the City Clerk, the character of such improvements shall be more particularly as follows:

For Assessment Unit No. 1, in the above-described streets, except as shown on the preliminary plans filed with the City Clerk, the pavement shall be centered in the street; and

Except as shown on the preliminary plans filed with the City Clerk, street construction shall include paving to generally consist of the spreading and compacting of standard base courses, the construction on such base of a standard plantmix bituminous surface, the construction on such surface of a standard seal coat, standard valley gutter, standard curb and gutter, standard sidewalk, standard driveway approach, commercial driveway approach, stamped concrete sidewalk, stamped concrete driveway approach, together with all necessary excavation, filling, grading, shaping, draining, manhole adjustments, alley approaches, saw cuts, inlets, outlets, retaining walls, off-site adjustments, appurtenances, and incidentals necessary to such construction; and

Except as shown on the preliminary plans filed with the City Clerk, the proposed improvements will result in no substantial changes in the existing street elevations or grades; and

Except as shown on the preliminary plans filed with the City Clerk, sanitary sewer improvements shall include the installation of all necessary pipe, manholes, and necessary excavation and work incidental thereto.

Such work will more particularly be as shown in the plans on file in the office of the City Clerk, all of which are deemed by the City Engineer of the City of Reno to be essential to the construction of said projects.

It is estimated that the total cost of the said project shall be as follows:

Amount of Assessment Unit #1

City Street Construction Unit P1                                          $              162,203.08

RTC Street Construction Unit P2                                         $              166,223.75

RTC Street Construction Unit P3                                         $              451,309.59

RTC Street Construction Unit P4                                         $              112,822.32

                                                                                             $              892,558.74

The basis for apportioning the assessments, which assessments shall be in proportion to the special benefits derived by each of the several tracts or parcels comprising the assessable property, shall be as follows:

In Assessment Units No. 1, respectively, on a front foot basis, i.e., upon all real estate in said Assessment Units No. 1, respectively, in proportion as the frontage of each piece of real estate in each of said Assessment Units No. 1, (each Assessment Unit computed individually) is to the frontage of all real estate in each of said Assessment Units No. 1, respectively.  The portion of costs to be assessed against, and the maximum amount of benefits estimated to be conferred upon each piece or parcel of property shall be stated in the schedule of estimated maximum special benefits filed in the Office of the City Clerk.

Regardless of the basis used for apportioning assessments, in cases of a wedge or V or any other irregular shaped tracts, any amount apportioned thereto shall be in proportion to the special benefits thereby derived.

The boundaries of Assessment Units No. 1 shall be the exterior boundary of each parcel of property abutting and adjacent to those streets to be improved; and the boundaries of Assessment Units No. 1 shall be located wholly within the boundaries of the City of Reno.

All persons interested are hereby advised that the plans, plats, typical sections, preliminary estimate of  the total cost, the description of the property to be assessed, and the estimated portion of the cost to be assessed there against, and the maximum amount of special benefits estimated to be conferred upon each piece or parcel or property  are on file in the office of the City Clerk, and may be inspected by all property owners or other interested persons at any time during regular office hours by any person so interested.

On Wednesday, the 13th day of February 2019 at 1:00P.M., in the Council Chambers at the City Hall, 1 East First Street, Reno, Nevada, the City Council will consider the ordering of the proposed projects and hear all complaints, protests and objections that may be made in writing and filed as hereafter provided concerning the same, by the owner of any tract or parcel to be assessed or any person interested.  The owners of the property to be assessed, or any other person interested therein, may appear before the City Council and be heard as to the propriety and advisability of acquiring and improving such projects, as to the estimated cost thereof, as to the manner of payment therefore, and as to the amount thereof to be assessed against each tract or parcel in the improvement district.

If any property owner or other interested person wishes to object to the creation of the assessment district or to the proposed assessments, he/she is hereby notified that:

(1)         He/she is entitled to be represented by counsel at this hearing;

(2)         Any evidence he/she desires to present on these issues must be presented at this hearing; and

(3)         Evidence on these issues that is not presented at this hearing may not thereafter be presented in an action brought pursuant to NRS 271.395, upon subsequent appeal to a district court or other judicial proceeding.

The City Council requests that any property owner or interested person wishing to make protest or objection, may make such protest or objection in writing at the office of the City Clerk at least three (3) business days before the time set for such hearing.  On the date and at the place fixed for such hearing, any and all property owners interested in such project, may, by written complaint, protest or objection, present their views in respect to the proposed projects to said City Council, or present them orally, and said City Council may adjourn the hearing from time-to-time.  Any person filing a written complaint, protest or objection as herein above provided shall have the right within thirty (30) days after the Council has finally passed on such complaint, protest or objection to commence an action or suit in any court of competent jurisdiction to correct or set aside such determination, but thereafter all actions or suits attacking the validity of the proceedings and the amount of special benefits shall be perpetually barred.  If, within the time specified in this notice, complaints, protests and objections in writing, i.e., all written remonstrances, against acquiring or improving the project proposed to be acquired or improved, shall be filed with the City Clerk, signed by the owners of tracts or parcels constituting a majority of the front footage, lot-units or area as the case may be, of the tracts or parcels to be assessed in each respective assessment unit, the project therein shall not be acquired or improved.

Pursuant to NRS 271.357, the Council has established a procedure to postpone the assessments for persons whose principal residence will be included in the District and who believe that the payment of the assessments will create a financial hardship. Persons who are interested in the eligibility criteria and application process for hardship determination should contact City of Reno Public Works Department, P.O. Box 1900, Reno, Nevada 89505, attention Luke Opperman, (775) 334-3332.

After such hearing, said City Council shall determine as to the advisability of undertaking said improvements, and shall determine the kind and character of such improvements so to be acquired and do all things necessary to accomplish acquisition of said projects.

After the making of all necessary contract or contracts, said City Council shall determine what portion of the cost of such work, including incidentals, shall be paid by the property specially benefited, and assessments shall be levied in accordance with the laws of the State of Nevada.  In no event shall any assessment exceed the estimated maximum special benefits to the tract or parcel assessed or its reasonable market value as determined by the City Council.  The City Council shall provide that the assessments may be payable without interest or demand within thirty (30) days after the effective date of the assessment ordinance or, at the election of the owner, in twenty (20) substantially equal semi-annual installments of principal with interest.  The City Council shall also provide the time and terms of payment of such assessments, and the rate of interest upon deferred payments thereof, which annual rate shall not exceed by more than one percent (1%) the effective interest rate on the bonds, which effective interest rate shall not exceed by more than three percent (3%) the Index of Twenty Bonds most recently published in Muniweek before the bids are received, and shall fix penalties to be collected upon delinquent payments.

By order of the City Council of the City of Reno, County of Washoe, Nevada.                   

DATED, this 12th day of December 2018.


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