Who We Are

The Maintenance and Operations Division is responsible for providing convenient and safe public streets, storm drainage, sanitary sewer, and facility maintenance services, as well as efficient City fleet management in support of operating departments.

Facility Maintenance

Maintains City-owned buildings by performing repairs, preventative maintenance and remodel project management. 

Fleet Management

Ensures vehicle reliability and safety of employees using City vehicles and heavy equipment, provides proactive and preventative maintenance and repair programs while maintaining regulatory compliance. 

Sewer and Storm System Maintenance

Provides an aggressive preventative maintenance program for aging sewer and storm drain systems to ensure proper operation, permit compliance and control of liability. 

Street Maintenance

Provides equipment and staffing for the operations and maintenance of the City of Reno streets.  In addition to providing pavement maintenance, staff is responsible for the street markings and signs for the City, street sweeping, parking meters, downtown maintenance and traffic signal operations within the City limits.  Staff also provides emergency support for snow and ice removal and flood control.

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For questions or concerns within the City of Reno, please contact: 

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Phone: 775-334-4636 

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