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Youth City Council

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YCC-Board Room

Mission Statement 

To provide youth ages 14-18 with active, positive and safe recreational opportunities to increase their quality of life. 

The Reno Youth City Council is a group of youth ranging from ages 14-18 who plan events and activities for the youth in Reno and provide input to the Reno City Council regarding youth issues that relate to the City of Reno. 

Youth City Council Officers 

There are four elected officer positions that hold for one year. Elections are held every February during the monthly meeting.

Serve on the Youth City Council

We are currently accepting applications. Apply today! Parent or guardian permission is required if you are under the age of 18 - please complete waiver as well if under 18.

  • Chairperson
  • Co-Chairperson
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary

Youth City Council Subcommittees

Subcommittees are open to all people ages 12-20 regardless of being on the council. Each subcommittee has an appointed chairperson from the council. Committees for the year are identified as a part of the annual retreat. 

Get Involved!

All meetings are open to the public and the Youth City Council encourages public involvement.
Learn all about the council, comprised of people between 14-18 years of age, with ideas on how to make Reno a better place for youth. Be a part of a board that will create and implement these ideas! All appointments are made by the Reno City Council and if appointed, individuals must meet certain obligations to remain on the board.