Rosewood Lakes Golf Course

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 Rosewood Lakes Golf Course

6800 Pembroke Drive
Reno, Nevada 89502

Rosewood Golf

Current Status

Rosewood Lakes Golf Course closed due to construction of the Southeast Connector. It will remain closed to the public for the foreseable future.


09-19-18 UPDATE: Truckee Meadows Parks Foundation (TMPF) has signed a 1-year license agreement with the City of Reno to operate their offices out of the Rosewood Lakes Golf Course clubhouse. This creates a reliable on-site presence at the course as we move forward on figuring out what it will become, one idea being a nature preserve. In partnership with TMPF, we have applied for a planning grant to master plan the golf course.  If you would like more information, please download the whitepaper written by TMPF.

Additionally, we are waiting to see if the grass seed will take on the driving range over the next few months. The growth success will determine if the driving range can resume normal activities again. 


Per Reno City Council, City staff is exploring a public/private partnership to develop, operate, and maintain a proposed “Pembroke Recreational Complex.”

What does this mean?

  • There is a possibility of a public/private partnership in which a private developer would develop, operate and maintain a recreational sports complex, which would include Rosewood Lakes Golf Course.
  • Rosewood Lakes Sports Village is a for-profit developer group.
  • The developer would provide all the capital funds to build a sports complex and a data center.
  • The developer would also provide all the operating funds to operate and maintain a sports complex and a data center.
  • The developer would receive all revenues.
  • The City would provide the land.
  • Per an Exclusive Negotiating Agreement (ENA), the developer is required to complete due diligence so that the Reno City Council can make an informed decision on whether or not to move forward on this project.

Proposal: Pembroke Recreational Complex

In January 2017, the City of Reno released Request for Qualification #030089, seeking qualified candidates for the development, operation and maintenance of a recreational complex through an open process. In addition to Rosewood Lakes Golf Course, the City owns five parcels around Pembroke Drive and is interested in having them developed with recreational amenities that include athletic fields, golf, open space, and other amenities commonly located with a public outdoor recreational complex. One response was received. Council selected Rosewood Lakes Sports Village, LLC for the development, operation, and maintenance of the Pembroke Recreational Complex.

Pembroke Presentation/Summary of Proposal

Pembroke Recreational Complex

Download the Presentation

Pembroke Recreational Proposal

Pembroke Recreation Complex Proposal_Page_01

Download the Pembroke Proposal





Scheduled Public Meetings to review and discuss proposed Pembroke Recreational Complex

The City of Reno is interested in receiving feedback from citizens regarding this proposal. Please attend one of the meetings or provide public comment online.

Planning Workshops & Community Input

(As of 01/10/17: schedule subject to change.)

Group Date Time Location
Ward 3 Neighborhood Advisory Board (NAB) 12/05/17 5:30 PM City Hall - 7th Floor Caucus Room - 1 E 1st St

City Hall - 7th Floor Caucus Room - 1 E 1st St
Recreation and Parks Commission (RPC)

McKinley - Boardroom - 925 Riverside Dr
Reno City Council

City Hall - 1st Floor - 1 E 1st St


Historical Timeline

The following is a summary of actions that have occurred and provide an opportunity for the public to review documents and/or watch Council meetings related to Rosewood Lakes Golf Course.

  • February 2, 2012 – Proposed Resolution regarding $7.5 Million SEC Agreement Payment
    • Staff Report
    • A resolution regarding the $7.5 million payment from RTC in order to build the Southeast Connector through Rosewood Lakes Golf Course was presented to Reno City Council on February 8, 2012; however the item was NOT voted on
      • The Proceeds shall be applied as follows:
        1. First, to defease the Bonds;
        2. Second, to reconfigure the Remainder Holes, and to construct the Replacement Holes on the Replacement Holes Property so that the Remainder Holes and the Replacement Holes together constitute an 18-hole golf course of like-kind and quality as the existing Rosewood Lakes; and,
        3. Any balance to any other projects or purposes as directed by City Council.
      • An estimated cost of $207,000 to reduce the course to nine holes was provided by The First Tee of Northern Nevada (TFTNN)
  • Reno continues to operate golf course
  • January 2014 – Keegan Presentation made to Reno City Council
  • April 2014 – Council approves agreement with TFTNN
  • Spring 2015 – Course closes for construction, irrigation rerouted, and then severed
  • August 10, 2016 – An update on Rosewood Lakes Golf Course was presented to Reno City Council
  • January 14, 2017 – The TFTNN Agreement ended
  • January 25, 2017 & April 26, 2017 – Council authorized an RFQ to be released and selected
  • September 13, 2017 – Council approved an Exclusive Negotiating Agreement


  • What is the zoning of these parcels?
    • The 3 parcels north of Pembroke Drive are currently within the City of Reno's sphere of influence. They fall under Washoe County's zoning designation of General Rural (GR).
  • Where did the $7.5 million payment from RTC for building the Southeast Connector through the golf course go?
    • Payment was used to defease golf course bonds
    • Remainder was rolled into fund balance to balance the budget during the recession
  • How much is available in the City’s budget to put toward Rosewood Lakes Golf Course?
    • $209,000
  • Is a sports complex even needed?
    • Yes, there is a need for additional ball fields and flat fields.
  • What is a data center?
    • In general terms, a data center is a facility used to house computers and/or servers in order to store information or to process requests for organizations.