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Duck Feeding

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Virginia Lake Park

Virginia Lake

Idlewild Park

Idlewild Park

Teglia's Paradise Park

Teglia's Paradise Park

The City of Reno has designated specific locations at Virginia Lake, Idlewild and Teglia’s Paradise parks where the public is permitted to feed ducks and other waterfowl, a pasttime otherwise prohibited by RMC 8.23.175.  Please help protect the animals and environment by feeding waterfowl in-water with appropriate duck food.

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Human Dependency: Ducks and geese do not need to be fed to survive, no matter how harsh the weather. Public feeding attracts more waterfowl to an area than can be supported by nature.

Degradation of Habitat: Goose droppings in heavy concentrations can over fertilize lawns and contribute to excessive algae growth in lakes that can result in fish kills. Turf cover is lost as geese over-feed on grass and seedlings.

Poor Nutrition: Feeding waterfowl can lead to dietary and nutritional problems for the birds. Bread, popcorn, pastries, cookies and various other assorted types of human food can cause health problems for these birds because they provide little nutritional value.

The bodies of water in our area play an important role in the migratory patterns of many, many species of birds.  Being close to the Sierra, uncommon and colorful waterfowl can be found at these lakes, from Swan Lake in the north to Washoe Lake in the south.

Visit the Lahontan Audubon Society for volumes of information on ducks and waterfowl.