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Memorial Plaques

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Park BenchThe City of Reno has established the Memorial Tree, Bench and Rose Garden Plaque Program to pay special tribute to loved ones, outstanding citizens and organizations alike. The initiative contributes to Reno’s urban forestry and provides shade as well as seating for citizens to enjoy public spaces throughout the City. Memorial plaques also serve to enhance our parks through beautification, encouraging mindfulness and the recognition of community members who have made significant differences in the area.



Memorials must have one of the following purposes:

  • Honor loved ones, citizens or organizations that are deceased for at least one year
  • Enhance the aesthetics of the park / area 
  • Memorial benches must match existing benches located within the parks. No concrete, granite or stone benches allowed for a park memorial. Parks and Recreation staff will provide options for appropriate benches.

Memorials must not:

  • Memorialize a person who is not deceased
  • Advertise or be a commercial promotion
  • Fundraise or request charitable contributions
  • Contain political, religious, violent, defamatory, or sexually explicit language or pictures
  • Discriminate people based on age, color, disability, gender, race, religion, sex or sexual orientation 

The Parks Manager must approve the installation plan with all costs of the memorial paid for by the applicant before the order.