Frequently Asked Questions

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Arts & Culture

Q: Where do I get information on Artown?
Visit or call 775-322-1538.

Q: Does the City offer Arts & Culture Grants to individuals?
The City has an annual grant application process beginning in November for cultural programs, projects and events occurring the next fiscal year. Only non-profit organizations qualify to apply for these funds. Grants to individual artists are available through a competitive process from Sierra Arts. For more information on that program, contact Sierra Arts at (775) 329-2787 or



Q: How do I become a lifeguard?
Pass the Lifeguard Training class and become certified by the American Red Cross. Lifeguard Training classes are available at both Northwest Pool and the Evelyn Mount Northeast Community Center Pool.

Q: How do I reserve a pool for a private party?
Call the pools directly.  Northwest Pool and the Evelyn Mount Northeast Community Center Pool are available year-round, and both Idlewild and Traner Pools are available in the summer months.  Phone List




Indoor Centers

Q: Is there day care at the Evelyn Mount Northeast Community Center?
Sorry, neither day care nor babysitting services are available for parents using the facilities. However, there is a Day Camp program called Vacation Station for youth ages 6-14. For more information call 775-334-2262.

Q: Is a deposit required for facility rentals?
The deposit is $500 for events without alcohol, $1000 for events with alcohol.




Q: Why is Wingfield Park closed in the winter?
The amphitheater and surrounding lawn area handle over 500,000 people during the summer special events season. This use severely stresses the turf, so the lawn area is closed from November 1 until mid-May to regenerate the turf and allow reestablishment before the new events season. Without this rest, the lawn would not survive.

Q: Are water slides/water balloons allowed in parks?
Water slides are prohibited because of the damage they inflict on the lawn and sprinkler heads. Water balloons are allowed, however, the only water source is from drinking fountains or bathroom sinks. Residents are responsible for cleaning and properly disposing of debris from broken water balloons.  Birds have been known to ingest the debris causing death.

Q: Can I use remote-controlled boats?
Electrically powered remote controlled scale boats are permitted on all lakes and ponds in City parks. Gasoline powered boats are prohibited.

Q: Is metal detecting allowed in the parks?
Yes.  A permit may be obtained for free at the Idlewild Park Office, 2055 Idlewild Dr. Call 775-334-2270.

Q: What kind of fish are in Paradise pond? In Virginia Lake? In the Truckee River?
The Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) stocks the Truckee River with Rainbow and Cutthroat Trout, Paradise Pond with Rainbow Trout and Channel Catfish, and Virginia Lake with Rainbow Trout. There are also Channel Catfish and Carp in Virginia Lake. For current stocking reports visit NDOW’s website.

Q: Can I feed ducks and geese at parks?
Feeding is permitted, but discouraged. Ducks and geese are wild animals which do not require supplemental feeding to survive; in fact, supplemental feeding creates problems with overpopulation, degradation of habitat, aggressive behaviors and poor nutrition.  Recently an ordinance was passed that allows feeding of waterfowl only at certain locations at Idlewild Park, Paradise Park and Virginia Lake. Only seed-based feed is permitted. Watch for signs (installation still pending) at these parks to determine where feeding is permitted.

Q: Which ponds and lakes allow fishing and boating?
Fishing is allowed at all lakes and ponds at City parks with proper licenses from NDOW. Non-powered sail and rowboats are allowed at the Paradise Pond.

Q: Can I bring my dog to the park?
Yes. Dogs must be leashed at all times except in designated off-leash areas, and owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pet. Designated off-leash areas are at Virginia Lake Park and Whitaker Park.

Q: Where do I report graffiti in parks?
Graffiti can be reported to the Park Maintenance office at 775-334-2270 or to Reno Direct at 775-334-4636 (INFO).  Parks staff and the RPD graffiti wagons remove graffiti in parks.

Q: How do I report a need for park repairs?
Report repair issues to the Park Maintenance office at 775-334-2270 or to Reno Direct at 775-334-4636 (INFO).

Q: Who do I contact about mosquitoes?
The Washoe County District Board of Health, Vector-Borne Disease Program is responsible for spraying for mosquitoes within Washoe County. Contact them at 775-785-4599.

Q: Are there recycling containers at City parks?
There are recycling containers at reservable picnic shelters for plastic bottles and aluminum cans. Special Event promoters are responsible for placing recycling containers at their events. Remember, glass bottles are prohibited at all City parks.

Q: When are the park restrooms open?
Most park restrooms are seasonal, and are open daily from mid-April through October, depending on weather conditions. Restrooms in some of the larger parks are open year-round. Restrooms are typically open by 10 a.m. and closed between 6 and 9 p.m., depending on location and staffing.

Q: Can PRCS maintain the weeds behind my house?
PRCS maintains three foot clear zones along walking trails, but is not staffed or equipped to regularly clear defensible space along open space canyons behind residential lots. This has been identified as an issue in the City’s Open Space and Greenways Plan. Staff work to assist residents who wish to create a clear zone behind their lot. Contact the Park Maintenance office at 775-334-2270 for information.

Q: Who owns Rancho San Rafael?
Rancho San Rafael is a Washoe County Regional Park. For information call 775-823-6500. The City operates and maintains the softball fields at the Reno Sports Complex at Rancho San Rafael on land leased from Washoe County.

Q: Where are the dog parks?
Off-leash areas are at Virginia Lake Park, 1925 Lakeside Drive, and Whitaker Park, 550 University Terrace.

Q: How do I rent the Rose Garden?
The Rose Garden may be rented for two hours by calling 775-334-2417. Staff will explain the required permit application and any rules or conditions that apply to your rental.

Q: How do I get a seasonal job with the Park Maintenance Division?
The process starts by completing a City of Reno employee application and turning it in at the City of Reno Parks, Recreation & Community Services Administration Office - City Hall - 1 East 1st Street - 11th Floor - Reno NV 89501. The Parks division will review your application, consider your talents and the division’s needs, and will contact you if there is interest in continuing the hiring process.

Q: Who do I call and who enforces the off road vehicles behind my house on City of Reno open space property?
Call Reno Police Department at 9-1-1 (Emergency) or 334-COPS (Non-emergency).

Q: Why can't I drive on the turf in the parks, and why can't I put down stakes in the ground when I pay for a park permit?
Vehicles can cause major damage to park grounds including damaging the turf, breaking irrigation systems, etc. Stakes can be driven through underground water lines, gas lines, and electric conduit.

Q: Do I need a permit to use a picnic shelter?
If you have 25 or more in your party and/or are planning on any alcoholic beverages or would like to set up a bounce house (available only at select parks) you will need to reserve a rentable shelter and secure a permit.

Q: How do I get my special event listed in the city's event calendar?
The City of Reno's event calendar is for those events that have received a special event permit or park special event permit from the City.

Q: Can I hold my wedding at Wingfield Park? Can I be married on the footbridge in Wingfield Park?
Wingfield Park is a special event park and is usually not available for weddings. The footbridges at Wingfield Park are public access areas and can not be blocked. We have many other locations that would be ideal for your wedding including the Rose Garden in Idlewild Park and for a small (20), intimate wedding the Raymond I. Smith Riverwalk water fall area is a beautiful location.

Q: Is a deposit required for shelters?
 Deposits can run from $500 - $1000 depending on expected attendance at the event and/or if the group will be serving alcohol.



Urban Forestry

Q: What does the City do with the trees that are cut down?
Much of the product from chipped trees is reused in City parks and landscaped rights-of-way as mulch. The Urban Forestry division also sells firewood for $75/cord and woodchips for $10/yard. Firewood is offered for sale on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the months of March and September. Residents are responsible for cutting their own firewood from the City’s wood pile and must sign a waiver. Call 775-334-2270 for more information on firewood and woodchip sales.

Q: Are Cottonwood and Willow trees illegal in the City of Reno?
A: Not when planted on private property. Cottonwoods and Willows are not on the approved street tree list for planting along city street rights-of-way because these species have brittle wood and invasive root systems. Existing Cottonwoods and Willows along street rights-of-ways are only removed when they pose safety concerns.

Q: Do I need a permit to remove, plant or prune a tree in the public right-of way?
A: Yes, it is illegal to remove, plant or prune any publicly owned tree without first obtaining a permit from the City of Reno Urban Forester. Only Certified Arborists that are also licensed to do business can work on City trees. A Tree Inspector will be happy to evaluate any City tree and provide advice on tree planting within the public right-of way. Call the Urban Forestry Office at 775-334-2270 for a list of Certified Arborists or to request a tree inspection.

Q: My neighbor has a tree whose roots are growing into my yard ruining my lawn and the leaves are a constant problem to cleanup.
A: The City Tree Ordinance does not address trees on private properties unless they pose a issue to public safety. If you suspect a tree on private property is dead or has major branches that could fall on a street or sidewalk call Reno Direct at 775-334-4636 (INFO).

Q: Can I cut down a tree on my private property without a permit?
Yes. However, for commercial properties there are development codes which prescribe a minimum number of trees based on property size. Contact the Community Development Department at 775-334-2063 for information.




Q: How do I sign up for youth sports leagues?
Call the Reno Youth Sports Association at 775-525-0855 or visit

Q: How do I rent a softball or baseball field?
Call 775-657-4657 to rent Idlewild Field #3 or the Reno Sports Complex. All other fields are requested though the Reno Youth Sports Association at 775-525-0855.

Q: What youth sports are provided by PRCS?
We offer basketball and indoor soccer at the Neil Road Recreation Center.



Q: When will Rosewood Lakes Golf Course re-open?
The course is closed while the Southeast Connector is being constructed. 



Youth Development Programs

Q: How old must a child be to participate in the Sierra Kids program?
Typically the minimum age is six years, but five-year olds that are registered Kindergartners in an SK school are also welcome.

Q: How old must a child be to participate in the Youth Camps?
The minimum age is six with some specialty camps requiring a minimum age of 8.

Q: What happens when Washoe County schools have a delayed start because of weather?
Sierra Kids and any program picking up from a Sierra Kids site are closed. The only program that is not effected by a delayed start is Vacation Station.

Q: Which day camp program runs year round?
Vacation station

Q: Which program has an ability to do a daily drop in?
Only Vacation Station

Q: Why do some programs have a Friday NOON deadline?
To ensure the safety of each participant through adequate staffing levels.  We need a day to make plans and/or adjustments. This half day is typically the Friday before the week of service. Advance notice provides other benefits as well, but none are as important as the safety of the child.

Q: What do you have for teens to do?
Have a look at the Teen Page

Q: Do you teach youth in your program about character?
Yes, we have incorporated CHARACTER COUNTS! into our programs, a curriculum specifically designed to teach youth about the six pillars of character.  Vacation Station is also a Gold Medal Children's Activity Center.

Q: Where are camps offered:
Plumas Gym, Neil Road Recreation Center, Evelyn Mount Northeast Community Center, and at various elementary schools throughout the year.




Q: What is the age for senior programs in the City of Reno?
City of Reno defines the age for senior programs as 55 and better. For Washoe County Senior Services Program the age of a senior is 60 years or older.

Q: How can I find out about senior activities?
City of Reno Senior activities are posted on this website and in the monthly publication Senior Connection. To request a copy of the senior newsletter or to talk to someone about senior programs call the Senior Outreach coordinator at 775-356-3176.

Q: Who do I call to get Meals on Wheels?
Washoe County Senior Services provides social services, including a home delivered meal program to residents 60 years and better in Washoe County. For more information, contact them at 775-328-2575.

Q: What senior programs qualify for the senior scholarship?
The City of Reno is committed to providing recreational opportunities to all residents regardless of economic circumstances. For this reason, a limited fund scholarship program is available to those who qualify. Qualified classes include City staff and volunteer taught classes such as Senior Yoga, Sit and Get Fit, Silver State Super Seniors, Ceramics, Senior Fitness, swimming lessons and Senior Trips within City limits, to name a few. For more information on scholarships, please call 775-334-2260.




Q: How do I apply for a scholarship?
Complete an application and provide income verification at the City of Reno Parks, Recreation & Community Services Administration Office - City Hall - 1 East 1st Street - 11th Floor - Reno NV 89501  More Information

Q: What activities/programs are offered for people with disabilities?
Our parks, golf course, pools, ice skating rink, and whitewater park are accessible. Accommodations can be requested on an individual basis for any program in order to ensure successful participation. Out & About and BlazeSports programs are specifically designed for individuals with disabilities. To learn more about access to facilities and programs call 775-334-2262 or visit the Access for All webpage.

Q: Where can I learn about volunteer opportunities with PRCS?
Individual and group volunteers are needed for a variety of duties within the Department. Contact April at 775-334-2260 for more information.

Q: Do I have to fill out a new registration form for each program?
No.  Each year (June - May) you must complete one Household Account Form for the entire home, and one Participant Information Form for each child in the home.  Visit our Registration page. With this information updated at least once a year, participants can register for most programs without completing new paperwork each time.

Q: How old do you have to be to work and volunteer for PRCS?
Sixteen years old.

Q: How do I apply for a job with PRCS?
An employment application must be completed and returned to the City of Reno Parks, Recreation & Community Services Administration Office - City Hall - 1 East 1st Street - 11th Floor - Reno NV 89501. 

Q: Can I register on-line?
Click for Online RegistrationYes you can!  Participants in the Sierra Kids Before and After School Program, Vacation Station Day Camps, Dance Classes, and Swim Lessons, can register and pay on the internet. Being a new service, we frequently add services to the online registration.  This logo identifies online opportunities throughout the website.  

Q: Where can I register for programs?
Evelyn Mount Northeast Community Center - 1301 Valley Road - Reno NV 89512, Neil Road Recreation Center 3925 Neil Road Reno NV 89502, McKinley Arts & Culture Center 925 Riverside Drive Reno NV 89503, Teglia's Paradise Park Activity Center 2745 Elementary Drive Reno NV 89512, Administration Office - City Hall - 1 East 1st Street - 11th Floor - Reno NV 89501