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Equipment Rental Program

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Contact April at 775-334-2262 or for information.

Our adaptive recreation equipment is available for rent. Renting makes it affordable for participants to try before they buy, be a weekend warrior, gain skills, and be involved in more than one sport.

Please note - A minimum of 48 hours advance notice is preferred. Equipment inventory is limited and an appointment for proper fit is required.


Guy on Force R Handcycle Bike 

Fees & Agreements

  • The rental fee must be paid in advance. The daily fee is $15, weekend fee is $50 and full-week fee is $75.
  • A valid credit card is required.  Its image will be held to make repairs on damaged, lost or stolen equipment, if necessary.  The renter is responsible for replacement and repair costs.
  • The renter agrees to be the sole authorized user of the equipment.
  • A Release Agreement will be read and signed prior to leaving the premises. The Release Agreement requires the signature of either a parent or legal guardian if the renter is under the age of 18 or not their own guardian.
  • The renter must be at least one-year post injury and must be their own legal guardian if over the age of 18.

Available Equipment

Please note - A minimum of 48 hours advance notice is preferred. Equipment inventory is limited and an appointment for proper fit is required.

Sports WheelchairSports Wheelchair - Designed with the help of Sunrise Medical’s elite wheelchair basketball athletes, the Quickie All Court® wheelchair establishes a new standard in performance and style. This is the perfect wheelchair for both the recreational and the elite athlete.


Top End ExceleratorTop End Excelerator Handcycle - If you want a great way to exercise, cross-train or just have fun, the Invacare Top End Excelerator handcycle is what you need. This extremely stable and maneuverable upright three-wheel handcycle is easy to transfer in and out of and lets you tackle hills or level terrain with equal ease. The 7-speed Shimano hub, with reverse braking, means your hands never have to leave the handles. This handcycle is available to rent in Adult and Youth sizes.

Top End XLTTop End XLT Handcycle - The Invacare Top End XLT Handcycle has been engineered for the total recreational experience. It’s available with 7 speeds. The low seat and recumbent handcycle design enhances aerodynamics and the 15 degrees of camber increases stability. The tall, narrow back offers the maximum range of motion and increased power transfer. Adult sized only.

Handcycle Grips

Adaptive Grips - Our Community Handcycle Grip Package has been a welcome relief, allowing us to seamlessly customize the ride for the handcyclist. Adaptive grips are provided with the rented handcycle at no additional charge.

Hase Trets TrailerHase Trets Trailer - Kids are naturally active. If they can use this energy to give Dad or Mom some extra propulsion, great! But on Trets, pedaling is only one of many options: The freewheel mechanism lets the little engine take a break now and then. Even naptime is possible; the seat back can be reclined so far that dozing off is almost irresistible. The Trets Trailer comes pre-hitched to a normal bicycle. Fasten your seatbelt and off you go!

Hase Kettwiesel TrikeHase Kettwiesel Trike - This sporty, flexible, multi-faceted foot-pedaled trike proves its diversity. Outfitted with adaptive pedals that hold the riders feet in place, this trike is a perfect option for persons of all abilities. A true feast for the eyes on three wheels.

Beach WheelchairHippocampe Beach Wheelchair - The Hippocampe wheelchair gives access to the beach and all outdoor activities. It can be used on your own or accompanied thanks to the push bar. This wheelchair rolls over sandy beaches and the user can enter the water and bathe on their own. A popular rental item that provides access to the surrounding areas beaches.

Bowling RampBowling Ramp - This free standing bowling ramp is perfect for participants in wheelchairs, as well as other participants who have low muscle tone, or limited range of motion in their arms. The ramp is lightweight and easy to move, so participants will have no problem moving the ramp to line it up for a strike!

SledgeIce Sledges - Sledges are available for use at the City of Reno’s outdoor rink for persons with physical disabilities to enjoy the great wintertime experience of ice skating in a seated sled/skate. Regular admission fees apply at the rink but the sledges are available free of charge. Heading to another ice rink, sledges are available to rent to enjoy ice skating at any arena.

Roller SledgeRoller Sledges - Our popular ice sledges can be outfitted with wheels for summer use! Great for use on a gym floor or at your local roller rink.



FreewheelFree Wheel

This durable, lightweight (under 5 lbs) FreeWheel quickly clamps to your existing wheelchair footrest and allows you to push over surfaces that would typically be impossible. With the FreeWheel you are ready to roll in seconds. Strolling, exercising, hiking, or just checking the mailbox, is so much easier with the FreeWheel. Grass, curbs, and rough roads can now be easily navigated.

cruiselinertandemTrek Cruiseliner Tandem

Double your fun with Trek’s Cruiseliner Tandem! It lets you cruise in style with super-comfortable upright riding positions, wide handlebars, plush cruiser saddles and 7 easy-pedaling gears. Plus, its aluminum frame is light and easy to handle, while the powerful linear-pull brakes offer total control and confidence, too. A great option for participants with visual impairment to enjoy the recreational activity of cycling with family and friends.

trek pure trike 2008Trek Pure Adult Trike

Utilitarianism meets the joy of riding with Trek’s Pure Trike. This three-wheeled beauty sports a light and easy-riding aluminum frame, lively aluminum wheels and a nice upright riding position plus a comfortable seat. There’s also a large basket on the back with plenty of room to carry groceries, books and anything else you want to take along. You’ll also love the excellent stopping power of the Tektro linear-pull brakes, which include a cool parking-brake setting for convenience.