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Equipment Rental Program

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Contact April at 775-334-2262 or for information.

Our adaptive recreation equipment is available for rent. Renting makes it affordable for participants to try before they buy, be a weekend warrior, gain skills, and be involved in more than one sport.

Please note - A minimum of 48 hours advance notice is preferred. Equipment inventory is limited and an appointment for proper fit is required.

Fees & Agreements

  • The rental fee must be paid in advance. The daily fee is $15, weekend fee is $50 and full-week fee is $75.
  • A valid credit card is required.  Its image will be held to make repairs on damaged, lost or stolen equipment, if necessary.  The renter is responsible for replacement and repair costs.
  • The renter agrees to be the sole authorized user of the equipment.
  • A Release Agreement will be read and signed prior to leaving the premises. The Release Agreement requires the signature of either a parent or legal guardian if the renter is under the age of 18 or not their own guardian.
  • The renter must be at least one-year post injury and must be their own legal guardian if over the age of 18.