Corporate Challenge

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Corporate Challenge City of Reno 2020 logoThe City of Reno invites local companies and organizations to sign up to compete in the 2020 Corporate Challenge by March 2, 2020.

Corporate Challenge brings the spirit of the Olympics to a local and more intimate playing field. Ten different events are offered throughout the Reno area during a 10-week period from the first week of April through June 2020. The Closing Ceremony is scheduled for June 6 at Dick Taylor Park.

From basketball to pictionary, and everything in between, there is an event for everyone’s skills – including a 5K trail run, softball, bowling, darts, kart racing, tug of war, horseshoes and swimming. A kickoff orientation will be held on March 4 from 11:15 a.m. to 12 p.m. (noon) at Evelyn Mount Northeast Community Center that will go over the rules and expectations for all team managers.

Costs for participation ranges from $700 for companies of up to 199 employees to $900 for companies of 500 or more. Companies are divided into three divisions, based on the number of employees. This makes competition fairer, so companies with only a few employees are not challenging those with a base of thousands. Smaller companies that share business often join forces to form a combined team.

Companies, players and spectators can share photos by using the hashtag #RenoCorporateChallenge across social media channels.

Corporate Challenge is operated by the City of Reno Parks and Recreation. For additional details, please call 775-334-2262.