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The internship program is designed to provide qualified candidates with meaningful and educational work experience to supplement and enhance their academic programs. In return, the City derives the full benefit of the students' capabilities to assist in normal work activities and/or with special projects and events.  Additionally, internships enable students to establish effective working relationships with professional staff, which may be beneficial to their future career development.

Types of internships

The number, level and content of internships vary each year. Most internships are scheduled for part-time work during the school year and full-time in the summer. Some internships are paid while others are unpaid. 


  • Currently enrolled in a post-secondary educational program leading to an undergraduate or graduate degree and in good standing at their college or university. Students must retain their status until the end of the internship. In some cases, students may be enrolled in technical, certificate programs in particular fields relevant to the City's business objectives. Students may work full-time during the summer without being enrolled; however, they must be returning to school and pre-registered for the fall term. AND
  • Considering a profession related to some aspect of the City's business objectives. Generally, interns should be advanced enough in their educational programs to have begun taking courses in a field related to their work at the City. However, in some cases previous work experience or education may substitute for their current academic program of study.

How to Apply

Internship positions will be posted here when available, but you may submit your application at any time during the year.

Important Dates

The majority of City of Reno internships are posted quarterly and open for approximately two weeks. Some internship positions may be open longer or posted off-quarter. Postings will begin appearing the first weeks of February, April, August, and November according to the following schedule:

Opportunities Posted By:

  • February 8 - Spring 
  • April 8 - Summer
  • August 8 - Fall
  • November 8 - Winter

Start dates vary by internship and will need to be discussed during the interview process.