Debt Management

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Information on the City of Reno and the Redevelopment Agency bonds may be found on the Electronic Municipal Market Access (EMMA) website. EMMA is the official repository for information on virtually all municipal bonds, providing free public access to official disclosures, trade data and other information about the municipal securities market.

City is Represented by Independent Registered Municipal Advisor

The City of Reno, Nevada (the "City") has engaged, is represented by and will rely on the advice of Zions Public Finance, independent registered municipal advisor, to advise it on the issuance of its municipal bonds and municipal financial products (including investments of bond proceeds and escrow investments).  The City intends that this statement constitutes the "required representation" for purposes of the "represented by an independent registered municipal advisor" exemption set forth in SEC Rule 15Ba1-1(d)(3) (the "Rule"). The City understands that the above Independent Municipal Advisor is a municipal advisor registered pursuant to Section 15B of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended, and the rules and regulations thereunder.  By publicly posting this written statement, the City intends that market participants receive and use it for purposes of the independent registered municipal advisor exemption in the Rule.  This statement may not be used for any other purpose.

Proposals for City financings may be addressed to the Interim Finance Director Jill Olsen at, with a copy to Andrew Artusa of Zions Public Finance at

This posting may be relied upon until July 1, 2018.

DATED November 15, 2017.


                                                                                      By:  /s/Jill Olsen

                                                                                             Interim Finance Director