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City Budget 2018/2019

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Budget Workshop Presentation 2/21/18

Budget Workshop Presentation 2/23/18

Budget Workshop Presentation 3/23/18

Budget Workshop Presentation 4/5/18

Budget Workshop Presentation 5/9/18

Budget Hearing Presentation 5/23/18

Budget Hearing Additional Slides 5/23/18

The Reno City Council approved the 2018/19 annual budget, which describes the City's revenue and expenditure for the twelve months beginning July 1, 2018.

City of Reno 2018/2019 Fee Schedule

City of Reno Parks and Rec Amended Fee Schedule_092618

City of Reno 2018/2019 Budget in Brief

City of Reno FY 2019 Operating Budget

City of Reno FY 2019 Capital Improvement Plan

City of Reno 2018/2019 State Documents

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