Business Improvement District

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Important Notice on Public Hearing for Fiscal Year 2020

The City Council of the City of Reno, Nevada, will meet to hear and consider written objections to said modifications and assessment roll by the owners of said property specially benefited by the improvements in the Downtown Reno Business Improvement District (BID) on Wednesday, May 8 at 10:00 A.M. in the Council Chambers at the City Hall, 1 E. First Street, in said City.  The owner or owners of any property which is assessed in such assessment roll, whether named or not in such roll, must on or before May 3, 2019, file with the City Clerk his or her specific objections in writing.

View the the full Public Hearing Notice of Proposed Modifications to the BID Management Plan and Assessment Roll.

View the Proposed Assessment Roll.

The changes to the management plan and assessment roll are based on the recommendations provided by the Downtown Reno Partnership's Fiscal Year 2020 Operations Plan that was presented to the Reno City Council on February 13, 2019.

Downtown Reno Partnership 

Downtown Reno Partnership logo

The City of Reno Business Improvement District (BID) is managed and operated by the Downtown Reno Partnership, a private, non-profit Downtown Management Organization (DMO).

They will work with businesses, property owners, residents, city and county government to make the core of the city cleaner, safer and friendlier with the ultimate goal of creating more reasons for people to visit the downtown area.

This work will be accomplished with the use of ambassadors who will interact daily with and provide assistance to residents, visitors and the homeless. In addition to the ambassadors, the Downtown Reno Partnership staff will focus on advocacy and leadership for the downtown area.

To learn more, visit: Downtown Reno Partnership

Call the Ambassador Hotline

The Downtown Reno Partnership ambassadors are available via the Ambassador Hotline below. You can call them with questions, comments or feedback about their work. You can also call them if you see an issue in downtown that needs to be addressed. This is a non-emergency hotline. Ambassadors help with cleaning, escorts, social assistance, navigation and similar services. 

Ambassador Hotline: 775-313-4080

General Information

Overview of downtown Reno at sunset

A Business Improvement District (BID) is a private sector funding mechanism designed to improve the environment of a business district with new services financed by a self-imposed and self-governed property assessment. These services are provided exclusively within the district, and are different from – rather than a replacement of – those already provided by the City.

Depending on your property’s location, the BID will offer three levels of service. 

  • STANDARD SERVICES will be provided throughout the entire district and include safety, on-demand spot cleaning, and marketing. Teams of safety ambassadors will be deployed district-wide and will focus on crime deterrence and engagement with street populations and visitors.
  • PREMIUM SERVICES will add maintenance patrols within the core of downtown, concentrated on litter and graffiti removal, public furniture cleaning, power washing, and more.
  • PREMIUM-PLUS SERVICES are concentrated along the Virginia Street corridor and include additional daily maintenance. 

Overall, by providing the above services, the BID will help stabilize downtown streets by improving safety, addressing homelessness, enhancing cleanliness, and activating public spaces. In addition, it will help foster additional activity for existing businesses, attract new investment and businesses to downtown and act as a champion by aligning existing groups to speak with a single unified voice on behalf of downtown.

View the complete Management Plan and Engineer’s Report that lay out how the BID was designed and how it will operate. In addition, the Downtown Action Plan contains additional information related to the BID, as well as other important priorities and initiatives for downtown improvements.

Where does the BID Exist?

The Downtown Reno BID encompasses a large area of the downtown bounded roughly by Interstate 80/9th Street to the north; Wells Avenue to the east; the Truckee River, California, and Moran Streets to the south; and Keystone Avenue to the west.

Bid Layout and Boundary Map

Why should I support the BID?

Safety ambassadors, which have been deployed successfully in other cities, will focus on hospitality, quality of life issues, and social work to allow Reno Police to focus on conventional crime. New resources will be provided to expand maintenance services and introduce new marketing and economic development initiatives. The BID board of directors – made up of a wide variety of property owners, businesses, and residents in the district – will make budget decisions which ensure direct accountability to those who pay.

Most importantly, BIDs have a track record of success – nationally, they have a renewal rate of 99%, and there are studies that show they have a positive effect on property values, sales, and occupancies.

Need additional information? 

For questions or concerns directed to the City, please contact the City of Reno Liaison to the BID Jeff Limpert at (775) 657-4573.

Otherwise, contact the Downtown Reno Partnership at (775) 432-0772.