Making the Community’s Vision for Reno a Reality

The City of Reno is embarking on a multi-year effort to comprehensively update its Annexation and Land Development Code, which can be found in Title 18 of Reno Municipal Code. This initiative, called Zoning Code RENOvation, will create modernized zoning regulations that aim to achieve the community’s visions and values for Reno as detailed in the new Master Plan

Zoning Code RENOvation is also an opportunity to make the code more user-friendly and establish a more predictable and transparent review process. While the code has been updated periodically on an as-needed basis, it has not been comprehensively revised in many years. 

Zoning Code Renovation will create a code that is driven by community vision in the master plan, easy to use, and more predictable and transparent.

Get Involved: Assess. Explore. Collaborate. Educate. 

Throughout the Zoning Code RENOvation, we want to hear from you. There will be opportunities to review our work and provide feedback. This project will include opportunities to get involved, including open houses, focus groups, and online surveys. Public workshops and hearings will be held with the Reno City Council and Reno Planning Commission. These tools and other outreach methods will be used to vet the updated Annexation and Land Development Code. 

Your participation matters. Start here.

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