Journeyman Electrician & Journeyman Plumber Requirement

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Journeyman with Certificates/Cards are required to work and supervise onsite work within the City of Reno. Please refer to Title 14 of the Reno Municipal Code for additional details on requirements.

Apprentice Electrical and Plumbing Certificates/Cards are required to be issued by a State of Nevada or Federally approved apprenticeship program (listed below), with journeyman on-site supervising the work, immediately available for inspectors.

Three Exceptions to Journeyman & Apprentice Cards:

  1. Homeowners;
  2. Contractors working Residential Type V construction with 3 stories or less with a completed Residential Journeyman Compliance Agreement kept on-site with the Builder, available for City Inspectors;
  3. Those with reciprocal licenses from another City/County/State/Country have up to 12-months exemption to work within the City limits.
Journeyman Plumber – Exam and renewals
Journeyman Electrician – Exam and renewals