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Regular Reno Civil Service Commission meetings are conducted the fourth Thursday of the month, except November and December (third Thursday). Special meetings and workshop agendas will be posted here for your convenience, as well.

Everyone is encouraged to attend the Reno Civil Service Commission meetings. The seven volunteer citizens of the City of Reno appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

The Civil Service Commission is appointed by the Reno City Council and has authority over all phases of the selection, appointment, promotion and transfer of employees in the civil service. The Commission also serves as an appeal body for employees in the civil service regarding dismissals, demotions, suspensions and disciplinary actions.

The Commission consists of seven (7) members. The members are residents of the city, have no other connection with the city government, hold no elective office, and serve for terms of five years.

Typical Duties
All phases of the selection, appointment and promotion of employees in the civil service.
Responsible for the appeal rights of employees in regard to dismissal, demotion, suspension and disciplinary actions.

Time Commitment
The Civil Service Commission meets once a month for 1-3 hours per meeting. Special meetings and workshops can last approximately 5 hours depending on the issues. The special meetings/workshops may occur two to three times a year.

The Commission appoints the Chief Examiner to administer the Civil Service system and manage the departmental functions. It is the task of the Commission to provide employee selection, promotion and retention services for the City of Reno Civil Service workforce.

The Commission serves as an appellate board for Civil Service employees in the event of involuntary demotion, suspension or dismissal. Special leaves of absence and transfers are administered and approved by the Commission.

Career paths for promotional opportunities and minimum qualifications used by the City of Reno classification system for Civil Service employees are reviewed and approved by the Commission.

It is the responsibility of the Civil Service Commission through the Chief Examiner to provide Civil Service employment management based on merit. Job applicants and employees can expect decisions and procedures will assure equal and fair treatment to every race, ethnic heritage, gender, sexual orientation, religious belief, disability condition, political and other organizational affiliation.