COVID-19 Updates

Gov. Sisolak announces mandatory face covering policy in public. Also see: Guidance on Face Coverings.


Please pay attention to our COVID-19 web page, our social media, emails and other credible sources of news for the most recent updates and information.

Lobbyist FAQs

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Expand/Contract Questions and Answers

  • Am I a Lobbyist who is required to register with the City Clerk?

  • Who is a Policymaker?

  • Is there a list of all current Policymakers?

  • How do I register as a Lobbyist?

  • What information do I need to disclose in my lobbyist registration filing?

  • When am I required to register as a lobbyist?

  • Where do I pick up my Lobbyist badge? When do I have to wear my Lobbyist badge?

  • Do I have to register as a Lobbyist if I only speak during public comment at a public meeting?

  • Does my lobbyist registration expire?

  • How do I terminate my lobbyist registration?

  • Is there a fee to register as a lobbyist?

  • Am I subject to any violations or penalties for violating the City of Reno’s lobbyist registration ordinance?