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Lobbyist Registration

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On October 12, 2016, the City of Reno City Council adopted Ordinance No. 6415 (“Registration and Regulation of Lobbyists”) amending Reno Municipal Code to require lobbyists to register with the Reno City Clerk prior to undertaking lobbying efforts and communicating with the City Council, the Planning Commission or City of Reno Appointed Officers (or, “Policymakers”).

The City Council adopted the ordinance – effective January 1, 2017 – in an effort to bring additional transparency to the policy making and lobbying process.  Transparency is a priority of the City Council and, as such, it has required the registration of Lobbyists to provide its citizens with a tool to keep them informed about the various individuals lobbying Reno public officials and staff.

Therefore, pursuant to Reno Municipal Code Sec. 2.22.010 to 2.22.050, lobbyists are required to register with the City Clerk prior to communicating with a Policymaker and must obtain an identification badge from the City Clerk to be worn by the lobbyist at all times in City Hall.  In general, a Lobbyist is a person who: 

  • Communicates with a member of City Council, a member of the Planning Commission, or a City of Reno Appointive Officer to influence them to take action on any matter over which they have supervision, control, jurisdiction or advisory power; and
  • Represents an individual, group or entity for their interests or benefit;  and
  • Receives compensation from that individual, group or entity to represent their interests.

 For the complete definition of a Lobbyist, please refer to Reno Municipal Code Sec. 2.22.010.

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