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Criminal Division

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The Criminal Division of the City Attorney's Office promotes the safety and quality of life in the City of Reno, through the prosecution of all misdemeanor violations of the Reno Municipal Code.  In the Reno Municipal Court, these violations range from from traffic tickets to DUI, and domestic violence cases. Assistance to victims of crime is also provided by the witness victim advocate. 

Received a Citation?

The following flowchart delineates the criminal justice process for crimes committed in the City of Reno:

City Attorney Criminal Process_UseThisOne

Received a Court Notice?

A court notice indicates that your presence and testimony at trial is necessary for the prosecution of the case.  However, your appearance is not required and is voluntary.  Though the City Attorney’s Office cannot pay you a witness fee for attending, the City of Reno may not be able to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt and the case against the defendant may be dismissed.  If you are traveling from outside the City of Reno, the City of Reno cannot not reimburse you for any travel costs or other expenses you incur if you voluntarily decide to appear at the Trial.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at (775) 334-2050 Monday through Thursday.

Received a Discovery Notice?

Discovery is evidence from either the prosecution or defense that can be used during trial.   A discovery notice requires the defendant to procure any evidence that s/he will be using trial.  If there is no evidence that the defendant will use, discovery is not needed.  However, the defendant and/or the defendant’s legal representative can request for discovery from the prosecution.  To request discovery, please visit the “Requesting Discovery?” section of the Criminal Division page.

Received a Subpoena?

A subpoena requires your presence at trial on the date and time specified.  If you fail to appear, you may be deemed guilty of contempt of Court.

Requesting Discovery?

If you are a defendant or defense attorney requesting discovery, please call the Criminal Division at 334-2050 to make arrangements.  After your call requesting preparation of discovery, it will be available for pickup at the Reno City Attorney’s Office, Monday – Thursday 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  All potential witnesses for the City’s case in chief are named in the discovery (which includes a copy of the police report), and pursuant to NRS 174.234-235 no other “witness list” need be or will be provided.

Filing a Motion?

To file a motion, please visit  Be sure to fill out all sections in its entirety and click “Submit & Sign”.  Once submitted, you will be notified by the Municipal Court of the outcome.

Inquiring About a Case?

To look up the details of your case, please go to the Reno Municipal Court page under “Case Inquiry”

Questions About Court?

Are you looking for information about preparing for trial?  Do you have questions about the process or what terms mean? Visit Getting Ready for Your Court Visit to learn more. 

Race to End Domestic Violence 5K and 10K Event

Every April, the City Attorney’s Office holds a 5K and 10K event to raise funds for the Crisis Call Center and the non-profit organization, Safe and Healthy Homes.  Safe and Healthy Homes raises funds to support community resources that are dedicated to preventing family violence.  If you are interested in sponsoring, participating or learning more about this event, please contact Suzanne Ramos at 775-334-3837 or at