City of Reno Vision, Mission, and Priorities

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Strategic Plan


We are a vibrant university town known for our outdoor activities, special events, arts and culture, and innovative industries.


Creating a community that people are proud to call home.

Strategic Priorities and Goals:

  • Thriving Downtown and University District
    Create an environment that attracts residents, students, businesses, and visitors.
  • Vibrant Neighborhoods and Public Places
    Ensure a safe community and well-maintained public infrastructure.
  • Well-Managed Growth
    Assure policies, services, and infrastructure are sustainable and support anticipated growth.
  • Strong Financial Condition
    Prioritize resources to align revenues and expenditures while maintaining appropriate reserve levels.
  • Efficient and Dependable Business Environment
    Provide predictable, efficient, and timely processes with appropriate fees and charges.

View the Strategic Priorities document and the Strategic Plan presentation for more information.