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The Urban Forestry Commission advises the City in the use and maintenance of vegetation in public areas such as streets, roadsides, parkways, neighborhood and City parks, easements, public parking lots and traffic medians. The Commission's goal is to create, maintain and promote a safe, healthy and attractive urban forest for the enhancement of the natural environment of Reno.


Urban Forestry

The Commission consists of eleven regular members, who reside in and are registered voters in the City of Reno. Three of the regular members are members of the Recreation and Parks Commission who are interested and qualified in horticulture. One regular member is a landscape architect licensed in the State of Nevada. The remaining regular members represent the community at large. The superintendent of parks and the urban forester are non-voting members. The regular term of office is for three years. Each regular Commission member may serve a maximum of two consecutive terms.

Typical Duties

  • Advise the City Council in the establishment of priorities related to the City's urban forestry program.
  • Provide information to the public regarding urban forestry.
  • Review and approves suitable nominations for landmark tree status.
  • Periodically review and makes recommendations regarding the City's regulations pertaining to trees and shrubs.

Time Commitment

Volunteer with many aspects of the Urban Forest approximately 30+ hours per year in tree planting projects and public outreach events plus meetings once a month. The Commission meets on the third Wednesday of each month for approximately 1.5 hours.