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Green Initiatives in the City of Reno

The City of Reno is rapidly becoming the next “Green” city of the West. One of the Reno City Council’s priorities is to ensure that the city is doing everything it can to reduce its impact on the environment and improve its residents quality of life.

“Green,” or sustainability, doesn’t just benefit the environment, it also benefits a community’s health and economy. The city hopes to partner with its citizens and provide leadership in the community to encourage residents and businesses to join in this effort. 

We encourage all who want to help to get involved and lend your voice to your community. There are many ways to do this, whether it’s organizing a neighborhood beautification project, getting involved at the political level, or simply doing what you can in your own home to reduce your family’s impact - It all makes a difference! Together we can make Reno a cleaner, greener, more sustainable place for us all to enjoy.

We have successfully launched several programs designed to protect our climate by reducing emissions and saving energy. Learn what you can do by checking out the useful resources in this Keeping it Green section of our website.   

Green Energy Dashboard

wind energy map