Reno Direct FAQs

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Our apologies:The timeline for processing parking issues, including abandoned vehicles, is taking longer than usual due to a significant increase in reports  We are working to enhance this process for faster resolution. In the meantime, your patience is appreciated while we work through each report. For updates on requests, please contact Reno Direct at 775-334-4636.

  • Abandoned Vehicles

    • Do you have an unwanted or abandoned vehicle on your property?

    • How long before the vehicle is towed?

    • What happens after a vehicle has been reported to Reno Direct?

    • What type of information do you need to report an abandoned vehicle?

    • What if a vehicle has been parked for more than 48 hours?

    • How long can a vehicle sit on the City street before it is considered abandoned?

  • Bikeshare

    • Where do I park the bike?

    • How much does it cost and how do I pay?

    • How does bike share work?

    • Who do I contact for questions and concerns about LimeBike?

    • Do people need to wear helmets?

    • Won't people vandalize the bikes?

    • What happens in the winter?

  • City Hall Parking Garage

    • When will the garage gates be in operation?

    • How much does parking cost?

    • How do I pay?

    • What if I pull a ticket and decide not to park in the garage or garage is full?

    • How much time do I have from the Pay-on-Foot station to exit the garage?

    • Will validation be available at City Hall?

    • Will validation be available at other locations?

    • Will there still be a change in fee for Reno Aces games?

  • Graffiti

    • How do I report graffiti?

    • All property owners are responsible for keeping their property clear of graffiti.

    • Why hasn’t the graffiti that was reported weeks ago been removed?

    • How soon will the graffiti be removed?

    • What does it cost for graffiti removal?

    • Who to contact if you see graffiti in progress?

  • Marijuana

    • Is recreational marijuana available in the City of Reno?

    • Where can you get recreational marijuana?

    • Where can you smoke or consume marijuana?

    • Where can't you smoke or consume marijuana?

    • What's the fine for smoking or consuming marijuana in public?

    • How old do you have to be to purchase marijuana?

    • How much marijuana can someone have with them in public?

    • Can someone grow marijuana at home?

    • Can you keep marijuana in your car?

    • What can't you do if you've consumed marijuana?

    • What if I want to smoke in my yard or on my front porch, but my neighbors can see me?

    • What can I do if I am being bothered by my neighbor consuming marijuana?

    • Can my employer fire me for using marijuana?

Welcoming City

On March 22, 2017, the Reno City Council unanimously approved a Resolution that affirmed the City of Reno as a Welcoming City that respects the innate dignity of all people. The Resolution is an expression of the Council’s values as a body and is in line with the City of Reno’s mission, which is to “create a community that people are proud to call home.”

The Resolution does not change the City’s ordinances or laws, nor does it alter how police officers enforce those laws. Read the Staff Report and Resolution for more information on the Welcoming City Resolution and its purpose.

Recent actions on immigration enforcement at the federal level have understandably created uncertainty in our community. These FAQs seek to address those questions and provide certainty to our residents about their interactions with City of Reno Government agencies and personnel.

Simply, the City of Reno’s policies and operations have not changed. We will continue to live up to our core values as a Welcoming City that values diversity, inclusivity, and treats everyone with dignity and respect.

View any of the questions below for more information.

  • Welcoming City

    • Is the City of Reno a 'sanctuary city'?

    • Other jurisdictions are calling themselves 'sanctuary jurisdictions,' why not the City of Reno?

    • Can the City of Reno protect undocumented immigrants from federal immigration enforcement actions?

    • Do any protections exist for undocumented immigrants in the City of Reno?

    • Is there a chance that the Federal government will 'limit' federal dollars for communities that don't cooperate with the new Administration on immigration enforcement?

    • Does the Reno Police Department (RPD) enforce federal immigration law?

    • Is the City of Reno part of ICE's 287(g) Program?

    • Does RPD accompany ICE during immigration enforcement actions?

    • Does RPD require documents such as passports or visas during encounters with residents and visitors?

    • What happens if a person is arrested?

    • What will happen to a person who is a victim or a witness to a crime?

    • If an undocumented immigrant is arrested, what steps are followed by RPD and the Washoe County Sheriff's Office (WCSO)?

    • Does Washoe County honor ICE detainers?

    • Does my child need to be a U.S. citizen or have a visa in order to attend public school?

    • Does the Washoe County School District turn over immigration-related information to federal authorities?

    • Are ICE Agents allowed on school property?

    • Can undocumented residents access County services?

    • What happens if the police or federal agents asks Washoe County for information about undocumented residents?

    • What types of services are available for an undocumented resident who becomes a victim of domestic violence or sexual assault?

    • Are there any programs that undocumented residents are not able to receive from Washoe County?