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Neon text that reads: You belong here, we belong here, art belongs here. City of Reno's new neighborhood public art program.

Art Belongs Here

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Helpful Hints

Identify Project Partners

  • to be eligible applicants must partner with a place-based organization, such as a
    • Neighborhood Advisory Board or neighborhood-based group
    • Business Improvement District or Business Association
    • Business or place-based organization (non- and for-profit)
  • Reach out to your district or neighborhood organizations to identify a need or opportunity in the community
  • Review the list of Neighborhood Advisory Boards and reach out to the designated community liaisons
  • Approach local businesses, organizations, and entrepreneurs to develop a collaborative, community-driven project
  • Encourage participation among long-time residents and neighbors
  • Consider community dynamics and local history in your area
  • Raise awareness by notifying other groups in your neighborhood about your project

Site Considerations

  • Remember, projects must be in a public space, defined as an area that is free and open to the public, such as an alley, park, plaza, or streets
  • Review the Interactive Parks Map for an inventory of City-owned parks

Budget Considerations

  • Be sure to show projected income and expenses
  • Identify in which areas the grant funding will be utilized
  • Remember, grants funds must be matched 1:1

Example Budget:


  • Grant Request Amount
  • Additional Funding Sources (crowdfunding, sponsorships, in-kind donations, etc.)
  • Volunteer Hours (valued at $20/hour)


  • Managing/Planning
  • Supplies
  • Art/Design Services
  • Installation Fees

Considering a crowdfunding campaign? For tips and resources, read the Americans for the Arts blog post on Crowdfunding in Public Art.

Other Considerations

Here are some additional considerations to be aware of when creating a proposal, some of which may require additional permitting, engineering, approvals, or other consideration. Our Arts & Culture Staff and Art Belongs Here committee can help through these implementation and planning needs:

  • Due to the sensitivity of some areas, proposals for certain sites may require additional review (right-of-way, parks, etc.)
  • Any proposal at an intersection will have to be mindful of sightlines and not blocking clear visibility for pedestrians and vehicles
  • Applicants are responsible for any maintenance required during the project's display
  • Consider what happens at the end of the project. How will the project be de-installed? Will it be adopted by your group or some other organization? Who will maintain the project?
  • Be sure your projects are designed well and are structurally sound for the duration of display

Staff Contact

Megan Berner, Public Art Program Coordinator or 775-326-6333