Biggest Little City

We're planning to celebrate!

Reno was officially established on May 9, 1868. We are quickly approaching Reno's 150th birthday, or sesquicentennial, and there will be several community events from May 2017-May 2018.

City of Reno Planned Events: 

We are in the early stages of planning, but we anticipate the community's involvement with a variety of events throughout the year leading up to Reno's 150th birthday.

Reno People

Do you know someone, past or present, who has made a positive impact on our city? The City of Reno is celebrating our sesquicentennial from May 2017 to May 2018. We want to know, for the past 150 years, who helped make our community the best place to live, work and play.
From the first Founder’s Day to the most recent graduating classes, there are extraordinary people who helped build this City, create its character and move it forward. We want to acknowledge those individuals and their contributions.

Nominate someone for the Reno People Sesquicentennial Project


Reno was Born

"The Central Pacific Railroad, which began construction in Sacramento in January 1863, reached Reno in May 1868. Its route through the Truckee Meadows followed the river. The location of the depot and a townsite in the Meadows was particularly important, as it was to be the last major stop before westward trains made their way over the steep and rugged Sierra Nevada. Myron Lake sold more than 100 acres for a depot and town—and Reno was born, establishing the theme of transportation that would dominate its development for many years."

-Source: Online Nevada Encyclopedia

In the News

How did the Biggest Little City Get Its name? - An interview of Professional historian Alicia Barber by KUNR.

Countdown to Reno's 150th Birthday



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