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City of Reno offering 200 discounted trees to customers

Residents can sign up now for Arbor Day’s Energy-Saving Trees program

Post Date:09/09/2019 3:16 PM

The City of Reno is providing 200 discounted trees to Reno residents only through ReLEAF Reno and Energy-Saving Trees, an Arbor Day Foundation program that helps conserve energy and reduce energy bills through strategic tree planting.

Reno residents can reserve up to two trees now at for $16.25 per tree, a significant savings from the average retail cost. In the signup process, residents agree to properly maintain the tree, which includes the requirement to have an automatic watering system in place. An online tool helps customers estimate the annual energy savings that will result from planting trees in the most strategic location near their homes or businesses.

“Reno is proud to sponsor this program and will contribute 75 percent of the cost of up to two trees,” said Reno Vice Mayor Naomi Duerr, who launched the ReLEAF Reno program in 2016. “Trees around homes will not only help reduce the amount of energy your home requires, but they also add to your property value, reduce your carbon footprint, improve the air quality and more effectively catch stormwater runoff.”

The types of trees offered include the following:

  • California Incense Cedar
  • Chinese Pistache
  • Lacebark Elm
  • London Planetree
  • Oklahoma Redbud
  • Shumard Oak

Those who order a tree will be able to pick it up at the Idlewild Park maintenance shop on Saturday, October 12, 2019 from 8 a.m. to noon.

The City of Reno’s goal, through the ReLEAF Reno program, is to double the city’s tree canopy by 2036, from 5.2 percent to 10 percent. Reno’s urban forest provides $21 million in environmental and economic benefits each year to our citizens. The City of Reno maintains approximately 20,000 public trees along its streets and in and around more than 85 city parks and trails. For more information, visit Reno.Gov/ReLeafReno.