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January 10, 2018 Reno City Council Highlights

Post Date:01/10/2018 7:29 PM

In our ongoing commitment to keep citizens and media informed, we’ve summarized the outcomes of a few key agenda items from today’s Regular Meeting of the Reno City Council. The agenda numbers provide convenient links to corresponding City of Reno Staff Reports.

Council continues discussion of StoneGate development to a later date (F.1F.2 & F.3)

Council accepted a request to continue these items until the February 14, 2018 meeting at 4 p.m. Staff was asked to look further into items of concern brought up by Council, including impacts of traffic on the freeway system, placement and funding of the parks in the development and plans to use effluent water for landscape irrigation.

At the February 14 meeting, Council will again hear a request for a Master Plan amendment and zoning map amendment to establish a Planned Unit Development (PUD) on a site in the Cold Springs area that is ±1,737.9 acres in size that would include up to ±5,000 residential units, associated public facilities, open space and nonresidential development. The project area is split by U.S. 395 with approximately 1,378 acres on the south side and approximately 359 acres on the north side. This is considered a Project of Regional Significance, which is expected to be built out over a 20-year period in multiple phases.

Council discusses permanent recreational marijuana code changes (J.4)

There was a presentation and discussion regarding permanent recreational marijuana Reno Municipal Code changes and stakeholder discussions. Council directed staff to move forward with many of the recommendations outlined in the presentation regarding home delivery, uses and definitions, zoning designations, separation between uses and dispensaries and hours of operation. These included extending the Early Start Program through June 30, 2018 and agreeing with staff’s direction on prohibiting outdoor cultivation and marijuana lounges.

Council made some modifications, such as asking for an 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. timeframe for hours of operation and for staff to clarify the distance separation between retail facilities. Staff will work on drafting the code changes, with discussion at Planning Commission tentatively planned for February 21, 2018.

Council agrees to enter into a special counsel agreement to pursue legal claims against manufacturers and distributors of prescription opioids (J.5)

Council unanimously approved for Eglet Prince, et al to proceed with the City of Reno’s legal claims against the manufacturers and distributors of prescription opioids.

B.3 - Traner Pool

Council unanimously approved an Award of Contract to Bruce Purves Construction for Traner Pool repairs and enhancements in an amount not to exceed $1,225,013. Funding for this project will come from $285,000 in Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Funds, $200,000 Insurance Reimbursement and a total of $875,350 in generous cash donations from:

  • $800,000 - William N. Pennington Foundation
  • $50,000 - Northern Nevada Building & Construction Trades Council Development Corporation
  • $25,000 - Lifestyle Homes
  • $200 - Dr. and Mrs. John Williamson
  • $100 - Barbara Miller
  • $50 - Joanne Newbury

Additional in-kind services were donated by:

  • $10,000 - D&D Roofing and Sheet Metal, Inc. (replacement of mechanical building roof)
  • $7,800 - Farr West Engineering (civil engineering services)

Council thanked the community for its support. The Traner Pool facility was severely vandalized in March 2017 with significant damage occurring to the mechanical and electrical equipment. The facility is currently not in operation due to the damage that occurred, but the City is working to open the pool by June 2018.

B.12 - Blight Abatement Fund

Council took no action on staff’s proposal to use Blight Abatement Fund monies for the demolition of the building located at 265 Keystone Avenue, a city-owned property, with reimbursement from the future sale of this property. Based on Council input to explore more options for the property, staff will re-agendize the item for further discussion at a future meeting.

G.6 - Nuisances Ordinance

Council unanimously approved to adopt an Ordinance to amend the Reno Municipal Code pertaining to “Nuisances” to revise the nuisance definition and enforcement and adopt special assessments for cost recovery. The amendment is meant to bring all nuisance definitions under one section in the RMC to improve public understanding.

H.2 - Capital Projects Surcharge Advisory Subcommittee

Council unanimously approved to adopt a Resolution of the Reno City Council creating the Capital Projects Surcharge Advisory Subcommittee.

J.6 - City of Reno Master Plan

Councilmember Paul McKenzie withdrew his request for reconsideration of the December 13, 2017 adoption of the comprehensive City of Reno Master Plan.

K.1 - Citizen Appointments to Boards and Commissions

K.1.1 - Council unanimously approved reappointment of Abigail Villa (Ward 4) and appointment of Anonti Ali (Ward 2), Emily Keller (Washoe County) and Aayan Patel (Washoe County) to the Youth City Council.

K.1.2 - Council unanimously approved appointment of Jonathan Burke to the Financial Advisory Board.

K.1.4 - Council unanimously approved reappointment of Massimo Balestra to the Ward 1 Neighborhood Advisory Board.

K.1.5 - Council unanimously approved reappointment of Sarah Sloan and appointment of Frank Nelson to the Ward 3 Neighborhood Advisory Board.

K.1.6 - Council unanimously approved reappointment of Thomas Hill and Irene Tudor to the Ward 4 Neighborhood Advisory Board.

K.1.7 - Council unanimously approved reappointment of Elton "Mac" Rossi to the Ward 5 Neighborhood Advisory Board.

Council Donation Funds

Council unanimously approved the following donations:

L.2 - $500 to the Good Luck Macbeth Theatre Company [Duerr]

L.3 - $5,000 reallocation to the Public Works Department Street Fund to offset costs associated with the removal of horse guards in South Reno [Duerr]

Reno City Council meetings are streamed live at Reno.Gov/Meetings and televised live on Charter Spectrum - Channel 194. Past public meetings can be viewed on YouTube.

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