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October 25, 2017 Reno City Council Highlights

Post Date:10/25/2017 6:12 PM

In our ongoing commitment to keep citizens and media informed, we’ve summarized the outcomes of a few key agenda items from today’s Regular Meeting of the Reno City Council and Redevelopment Agency Board. The agenda numbers provide convenient links to corresponding City of Reno Staff Reports.

Council approves Lease Agreement for Playa Art Park Project (J.6)

Council unanimously approved a Lease Agreement for the Reno Playa Art Project, located in the 500 block of North Virginia Street, in partnership with ARTECH and Northern Nevada Urban Development & Management Company. The public is invited to attend a grand-opening celebration for the space’s newest Burning Man art display on Friday, November 10, 2017 at 5 p.m. The space originally opened as the Reno Playa Art Park in November 2016.

Council hears presentation regarding Accessory Dwelling Units (J.3)

Council unanimously approved to initiate a zoning amendment that would allow the construction of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) in certain zoning districts and with specific design standards to maintain an established character of a neighborhood.

Council opposes Steamboat Meadows Regional Plan Amendment (J.1)

There was a presentation and discussion regarding a proposed amendment to the Truckee Meadows Regional Plan to remove six parcels totaling ±83.06 acres from the City of Reno’s Sphere of Influence (SOI) in the Truckee Meadows Service Area (TMSA) boundary. The parcels are located on the east side of South Virginia Street between Towne Drive and Rhodes Road. Council unanimously approved to not support the Regional Plan Amendment with the comments that Council is interested in exploring a joint planning effort to examine the appropriate use of these parcels.

B.2 - Downtown Dog Park

Council unanimously approved to accept a donation from Granite Construction for labor and equipment to remove 400 cubic yards of grass and topsoil prior to the construction of the downtown dog park located by the ReTRAC cover west of Sierra Street. The City has committed $75,000 for the project, and a group of residents are currently raising additional donations.

Rosewood Wash Drainage Project

B.4 - Council unanimously approved to accept a FEMA grant in the amount of $499,500.01 for the Rosewood Wash Drainage Project and authorize the Director of Public Works to acknowledge and sign the grant documents with the City's match in the amount of $168,505.39 from the Sewer Fund.

B.5 - Council unanimously approved an Agreement with Kimley Horn and Associates for engineering and design services for the Rosewood Wash Drainage Project in an amount not to exceed $122,500 from the Sewer Fund.

Drainage from Rosewood Wash causes roadway overtopping at Plumas Street, West Plumb Lane, Watt Street, Hillcrest Drive and Lakeside Drive. The approved project will result in three homes being removed from the floodplain and create the foundation for future projects upstream, which eventually could allow for an additional 27 homes to be removed from floodplain. Finally, increasing the pipe size (capacity) downstream will create future opportunities for taking the tops off of irrigation ditches during storm events to place water in historic drainages, where the water can flow in a controlled section.

F.1 - Firecreek Crossing Master Plan Amendment

Council heard a request for a Master Plan amendment within the Special Planning Area/Convention Regional Center from General Mixed Use to Tourist Commercial. The ±12.2 acre site is located between Redfield Parkway/Kumle Lane and Kietzke Lane, ±450 west of South Virginia Street. In a 6-to-1 vote, Council adopted the requested Master Plan amendment by Resolution, per the Planning Commission’s recommendation.

F.2 - 1035 East Eighth Street Property

F.2.1 - In a 5-to-2 vote, Council approved an Interlocal Agreement between the City of Reno and the Reno Housing Authority to convey, without charge, the city-owned property located at 1035 East Eighth Street to provide affordable housing pursuant to NRS. The motion included a preference for housing with wrap around services.

F.2.2 - In a 5-to-2 vote, Council adopted a Resolution approving the Interlocal Agreement to convey, without charge, the city-owned property located at 1035 East Eighth Street to the Reno Housing Authority.

F.3 - CVS – 1250 West Seventh Street

Council heard an appeal of the Planning Commission’s approval of a special use permit to: 1) construct a ±9,516 square foot drug store with a drive-thru pharmacy and a temporary pharmacy trailer within 300 feet of a residentially zoned property; and 2) allow hours of operation between 11:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. The ±2.79 acre site is located on the southeast corner of Elgin Avenue and West Seventh Street within the Community Commercial (CC) zone. In a 5-to-2 vote, Council moved to move to modify the decision of the Planning Commission and approve the special use permit with removal of the condition regarding the freestanding sign.

H.3 - Campaign Contribution Reports

Council unanimously approved adoption of a Resolution establishing time periods and deadlines for the members of City Council to file campaign contribution reports with the City Clerk pursuant to Reno Municipal Code. The Resolution establishes the time periods and deadlines for Council to file these additional contribution reports on a quarterly basis with the City Clerk. The first additional reporting period will be January 1 through March 30, 2018, and it will need to be filed no later than April 15, 2018.

H.4 - CDBG Sub-Committee

Council unanimously approved to adopt a Resolution establishing the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Sub-Committee of the Reno City Council. The Resolution establishes terms for and rules concerning the committee. Council asked that the item be brought back so they can fine tune the committee logistics.

J.5 - Residential Construction Tax

There was a presentation and discussion regarding the status of Residential Construction Tax (RCT) district funds. RCT is the primary funding source for new park construction, and is separated into five districts. Council unanimously approved to accept the report, as well as direct staff to add the Virginia Lake pathway completion and Robinhood Park enhancements projects to the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) for 2017-18 and to continue to research future park projects.

K.1 - Citizen Appointments to Boards and Commissions

K.1.1 - Council unanimously approved to appoint Heather Goulding and Vanessa Vancour to the Ward 5 Neighborhood Advisory Board (NAB).

K.1.2 - Council unanimously approved appointment of John Hardwick to the Ward 1 Neighborhood Advisory Board, and appointment of Nita Losoponkul and Neil McGuire as Alternates.

K.1.3 - Council unanimously approved appointment of Gregg Deighton, Jenny Hansen and Byron Venzon to the E911 Advisory Board.

Council Donation Funds - Resolutions

Council unanimously approved the following donations:

L.2 - $3,500 to Sierra Arts Foundation to support the Reno Mural Expo - Art Spot Reno [Schieve, Delgado, Duerr, Jardon]

L.3 - $500 to the Northern Nevada Children’s Cancer Foundation [Schieve]


P.5 - Council unanimously approved reappointment of Jeffrey Hollingsworth, Kurt Stitser and Wayne Wiswell to the Redevelopment Agency Advisory Board.

Reno City Council meetings are streamed live at Reno.Gov/Meetings and televised live on Charter Spectrum - Channel 194. Past public meetings can be viewed on YouTube.

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