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The McKinley Center is open Monday - Friday from 8:00 - 5:00. 



Ricardo Rubalcaba, Kyle Brown, and Beck Neal

Curated by The Holland Project


McKinley Arts & Culture Center

Gallery East

July 22 – August 30, 2019

Reception: August 1, 5:00 – 7:00 PM

McKinley Gallery East presents ‘EMERGE,’ works by Ricardo Rubalcaba, Kyle Brown, and Beck Neal, curated by The Holland Project.  This show features three young artists who are becoming part of the larger art world.  Their works are visually diverse but are all rich in symbolism, narrative, and talent.  The show itself is a colorful symphony of styles and themes, digital illustration blending with traditional oils and acrylics.  The works theme around interpersonal relationships, people’s relationships with nature, internal relationships, and cross-cultural relationships.

Kyle Brown is eighteen years old and a recent graduate from Reno High school.  He hopes to go into animation.  Beck Neal is also eighteen and has recently graduated from Douglas High School.  She will be attending UNR and studying chemistry and fine art.  Ricardo Rubalcaba is eighteen and graduated from North Valleys High School. He will be attending the School of Art Institute in Chicago and hopes to incorporate civil activism with his art.

The Holland Project is an all-ages non-profit organization that provides art shows, concerts, cultural events, and workshops to the greater Reno area. “Holland Project hopes to further identify Reno as a cultural center with a vibrant urban scene where art and music thrive. Holland fundamentally believes that music and art are vital forces, and that young people have the ability and right to shape and share their culture.”  For more information on The Holland Project, visit their website.

Three triangular images that form a rectangle. An image of a man and fox in orange and blue. A face fractured in a mirror in shades of green and gray.  A hand holding a heart in red and blue.