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Ward 5 Neighborhood Advisory Board

  • Date: 02/13/2018 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
  • Location: Reno City Hall, Council Chambers
    One East 1st St.

Public Notice:  This agenda has been physically posted in compliance with NRS 241.020(3)(notice of meetings) at:

Reno City Hall – One East First Street;
Washoe County Reno Downtown Library – 301 South Center Street;
Evelyn Mount Northeast Community Center – 1301 Valley Road;
McKinley Arts and Culture Center – 925 Riverside Drive;
Reno Municipal Court – One South Sierra Street;
Neil Road Recreation Center - 3925 Neil Rd, Reno, NV 89502
Washoe County Administration Building – 1001 East Ninth Street; and
Reno-Sparks Convention and Visitors Authority – 4001 South Virginia Street, Suite G. NRS 241.020(2)(c).  

In addition, this agenda has been electronically posted in compliance with NRS 241.020(3) at, and NRS 232.2175 at To obtain further documentation regarding posting, please contact Tess Opferman at 775-334-2255.

Accommodations:  Reasonable efforts will be made to assist and accommodate physically disabled persons attending the meeting. Please contact Tess Opferman at 775-334-2255 in advance so that arrangements can be made.

Supporting Materials: Staff reports and supporting material for the meeting are available at the City Clerk’s Office, located at 1 East First Street, Second Floor, 775-334-2030 and on the City’s website at Pursuant to NRS 241.020(6), supporting material is made available to the general public at the same time it is provided to the public body.

Order of Business:  The presiding officer shall determine the order of the agenda and all questions of parliamentary procedure at the meeting. Items on the agenda may be taken out of order.  The public body may combine two or more agenda items for consideration; remove an item from the agenda; or delay discussion relating to an item on the agenda at any time.  See, NRS 241.020(2)(c)(6).  Items scheduled to be heard at a specific time will be heard no earlier than the stated time, but may be heard later.

Public Comment:  A person wishing to address the  public body shall submit a “Request to Speak” form to the presiding  officer. Public comment, whether on items listed on the agenda or general public comment, is limited to three (3) minutes per person. Unused time may not be reserved by the speaker, nor allocated to another speaker.  No action may be taken on a matter raised under general public comment until the matter is included on an agenda as an item on which action may be taken.  

The presiding officer may prohibit comment if the content of the comments is a topic that is not relevant to, or within the authority of, the public body, or if the content is willfully disruptive of the meeting by being irrelevant, repetitious, slanderous, offensive, inflammatory, irrational or amounting to personal attacks or interfering with the rights of other speakers.  Any person making willfully disruptive remarks while addressing the public body or while attending the meeting may be removed from the room by the presiding officer, and the person may be barred from further audience before the public body during that session.  See, Nevada Attorney General Opinion No. 00-047 (April 27, 2001); Nevada Open Meeting Law Manual, § 8.05.

In addition, any person willfully disrupting the meeting may be removed from the room by the presiding officer.  See, NRS 241.030(4)(a).  Examples of disruptive conduct include, without limitation, yelling, stamping of feet, whistles, applause, heckling, name calling, use of profanity, personal attacks, physical intimidation, threatening use of physical force, assault, battery, or any other acts intended to impede the meeting or infringe on the rights of the public body or meeting participants.

1.   Call to Order - Roll Call

2.   Pledge of Allegiance

3.   Public Comment - Limited to no more than three (3) minutes and is for either public comment on any action item or for any general public comment. The public may comment on agenda items by submitting a Request to Speak form to the chairperson. Comments are to be addressed to the board as a whole and not directed to or at individuals, presenters, or staff members.

4.   Approval of Agenda - For Possible Action

A. February 13, 2018

5.   Approval of Minutes - For Possible Action

A. January 9, 2018

6.   Announcements

7.   Update and Discussion from Councilmember Neoma Jardon

8.   Presentations and Updates

A. Update to the residential permit parking program with regards to cost, process, and efficiency - Presenter: Ashley Turney, City Clerk (Approximately 10 minutes)

B. Update and discussion regarding Pesticide-free parks, as well as an update regarding Somersett West Park and an expansion at Las Brisas Park (for possible action) - Presenter: Jeff Mann, Parks Manager (Approximately 20 minutes)

C. Presentation and discussion regarding a possible ordinance that would allow for accessory dwelling units (ADUs) to be built within certain parts of the City of Reno - Presenter: Claudia Hanson, Planning Manager (Approximately 20 minutes)

D. Regional Transportation Commission of Washoe County (RTC) presentation on the complete street safety improvements for Arlington Ave. from 1st Street to 6th Street - Presenter: Scott Gibson, RTC Project Manager (Approximately 15 minutes)

9. Development Projects - Following presentations by a City of Reno planner and/or the project’s developer or representative, NAB members and the public will have the opportunity to ask questions about the project and provide feedback. The NAB will not take any action on development projects. NAB members and the public are encouraged to fill out the development project review form with their input. All development project review forms submitted to the community liaison at the NAB meeting or via the online form ( will be submitted to the Reno Planning Commission for consideration in the development review process. All forms must be submitted two weeks in advance of the Planning Commission meeting for input to be included in Planning Commission materials.

A. LDC18-00041 (Ventana Ridge) - A request has been made for: 1) a tentative map to develop a total of 70 lots; and 2) special use permits for a) cluster development; b) hillside development; c) grading resulting in cuts deeper than 20 feet and fills greater than ten feet in height; and d) grading that results in the disturbance of a major drainageway. The ±166.8 acre site is located north of the terminus of Sandestin Drive, ±450 feet north of the terminus of Peavine Pines Court, and ±700 feet northeast of the intersection of Peavine Creek Road and Painted River Trail within the Ventana Pointe Specific Plan District (SPD), Single Family Residential - 15,000 square foot (SF15), Single Family Residential – 9,000 square foot (SF9), and Open Space (OS) zones. The site has a Master Plan land use designation of Special Planning Area/McQueen Neighborhood Plan with sub-land use designations of Single Family Greater than or Equal to one dwelling unit/acre (du/ac) to three du/ac; Mixed Residential three du/ac to 11 du/ac; and Parks/Recreation/Open Space.

PLANNER: Jeff Borchardt, AICP, Associate Planner, (775) 677-6882,
APPLICANTS’S REPRESENTATIVE: Stacie Huggins, Wood Rodgers, (775) 823-5258
APN: 081-160-17, -18, -19, -34, and 208-510-10

10. Development Project Updates - The following items are to provide an update on action taken by the Planning Commission and/or City Council on development projects previously heard by the Ward 5 NAB. NAB and public comments were submitted via the development project review form to the Reno Planning Commission. To review past Planning Commission meeting discussions on projects listed below, please visit (Approximately 5 Minutes)

A. LDC18-00024 (The Canyon at McCarran Master Plan and Zoning Map Amendments)

11.  Board Discussion and Action Items – For Possible Action

A. None at time of posting

12.  Old Business

A. None at time of posting

13.   Identification of Items to be Placed on a Future Agenda of the Ward 5 Neighborhood Advisory Board for Discussion and/or Potential Action - For Possible Action

14.  Confirmation of next NAB Chairperson – For Possible Action

15.  Public Comment - Limited to no more than three (3) minutes and is for either public comment on any action item or for any general public comment. The public may comment on agenda items by submitting a Request to Speak form to the chairperson. Comments are to be addressed to the board as a whole and not directed to or at individuals, presenters, or staff members.

16.  Adjournment - For Possible Action


If  meeting goes beyond 7:30 p.m., NAB Chair may postpone the remaining items to a future agenda.


Supporting Documents:

9. A. LDC18-00041 (Ventana Ridge)