Arts & Culture Commission

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The City of Reno Arts & Culture Commission (RACC) is the official advisor to the City of Reno City Council on all things arts and culture in the City of Reno. The RACC serves as the designated driver and facilitator of programs, policies and practices that support Reno's arts and cultural vibrancy.

The work of the RACC is anchored in the idea that arts and culture are created and consumed in a dynamic ecosystem within the community. Reno’s creative ecosystem is substantially more robust than comparable cities with a large number of nonprofit cultural organizations, small and large arts-related business, music, schools and universities and individual artists and creative workers of all types. Supporting all of these formal and structured creative entities are the thoughts of Reno citizens who attend and support arts activities throughout the City.

The RACC believes that ALL Reno citizens should be able to participate in a creative life.

Group of nine members of the Arts and Culture commission in front of McKinley Arts and Culture

Reno Arts and Culture Commission Notice and Agenda of Regular Meeting

RACC Agenda for March 14th, 2017

Approval of the January 23, 2017 Special Meeting Minutes, February 3, 2017 Special Meeting Minutes and the February 13, 2017 Minutes of the Reno Arts and Culture Commission (For Possible Action)

a) Public Art Committee Update (For Possible Approval)
i. Discussion and possible approval of the City of Reno McKinley and Metro gallery submissions (For Possible Action) from the following pool of artists, listed in alphabetical order: Jackie Abrams, Jessica Alazraki, Edward Alfano, Karen Anable-Nichols, Richard Bailey, Jona Batt, Peter Baumgartner, Thuy Linh Bennett-Kang, George-Ann Bowers, Susan Bowman, Jessica Brackett, Dana Caldera, Lauren Cardenas, Bruce Clark, Mark Coggins, Sally Cohen, David Cooper, Philip DeManczuk, Eric Diehl, Ray Dummar, Manuela Durson, Lisa Flowers Ross, Carol Foldvary-Anderson, Edrex Fontanilla, Julia Forrest, Jessica Gengenbach, Leah Gerrard, Jo Going, Peter Hazel, Courtney Jacobs, Lisa Jefferson, Jennifer Kapnek, Leah Korican, Aryana Londir, Gayle Lorraine, Caitlin McCollom, Charles Mintz, Kim Miskowicz, Sandy Powell, Carole Ricketts, Bailey Russel, Alexander Ryckman, Francesca Saveri, Sharon Serrago, David Shear, Hans Siig, Holly Siig, Cathryne Trachok, Quynh Tran, Jan-Ru Wan, Glenn Wexler, Jessica White, David Yapp and Jason Young.

Review, discussion and possible approval of the Poet Laureate Candidates for 2017-2019 (For Possible Action) from the following pool of candidates, listed in alphabetical order: Ann Keniston, George Perreault and Lindsay Wilson.

Review, discussion and possible approval of placement of the Space Whale at City Plaza from April to September for a cost not to exceed $64,086 (For Possible Action)

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