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Neighborhood Advisory Boards (NABs)

 Lets Build Better Neighborhoods

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How can I influence positive change in my neighborhood?

Active neighborhood citizens drive positive change in our great community. Not only is being an active member in your neighborhood beneficial to you and your family, it also helps our larger community grow and progress. Our Neighborhood Advisory Boards are the perfect opportunity for citizens looking to become neighborhood leaders.

What is a NAB?

The City of Reno is divided into five City Council wards. Each of these wards has one representative on the Reno City Council. The City Council also includes one At-Large Councilmember and the Mayor. Each of the City’s five wards are represented by a respective Neighborhood Advisory Board (NAB). Each NAB meets once a month at 5:30 p.m. NAB meetings are your chance to learn about neighborhood happenings and discuss community issues with your neighbors. Key objectives for NAB meetings:

  1. Improve communication between Reno citizens, City staff, and City Council Members.
  2. Provide citizens the opportunity for early engagement on important community issues.
  3. Create a venue for citizens to review and provide feedback on certain development projects.

NAB meetings are held on the same day and location each month.View the 2018 NAB Calendar. Please visit the individual NAB page for agenda details and updates: Ward 1, Ward 2, Ward 3, Ward 4 and Ward 5. If you're interested in a joining a NAB, apply online today. 

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Ward 1 Neighborhood Advisory Board

Public Notice:  This agenda has been physically posted in compliance with NRS 241.020(3)(notice of meetings) at:

Reno City Hall – One East First Street;
Washoe County Reno Downtown Library – 301 South Center Street;
Evelyn Mount Northeast Community Center – 1301 Valley Road;
McKinley Arts and Culture Center – 925 Riverside Drive;
Reno Municipal Court – One South Sierra Street;
Washoe County Administration Building – 1001 East Ninth Street; and
Reno-Sparks Convention and Visitors Authority – 4001 South Virginia Street, Suite G. NRS 241.020(2)(c).  

In addition, this agenda has been electronically posted in compliance with NRS 241.020(3) at, and NRS 232.2175 at To obtain further documentation regarding posting, please contact Brad Fitch at 775-689-8459.

Accommodations:  Reasonable efforts will be made to assist and accommodate physically disabled persons attending the meeting. Please contact Brad Fitch at 775-689-8459 in advance so that arrangements can be made.

Supporting Materials: Staff reports and supporting material for the meeting are available at the City Clerk’s Office, located at 1 East First Street, Second Floor, 775-334-2030 and on the City’s website at Pursuant to NRS 241.020(6), supporting material is made available to the general public at the same time it is provided to the public body.

Order of Business:  The presiding officer shall determine the order of the agenda and all questions of parliamentary procedure at the meeting. Items on the agenda may be taken out of order.  The public body may combine two or more agenda items for consideration; remove an item from the agenda; or delay discussion relating to an item on the agenda at any time.  See, NRS 241.020(2)(c)(6).  Items scheduled to be heard at a specific time will be heard no earlier than the stated time, but may be heard later.

Public Comment:  A person wishing to address the  public body shall submit a “Request to Speak” form to the presiding  officer. Public comment, whether on items listed on the agenda or general public comment, is limited to three (3) minutes per person. Unused time may not be reserved by the speaker, nor allocated to another speaker.  No action may be taken on a matter raised under general public comment until the matter is included on an agenda as an item on which action may be taken.  

The presiding officer may prohibit comment if the content of the comments is a topic that is not relevant to, or within the authority of, the public body, or if the content is willfully disruptive of the meeting by being irrelevant, repetitious, slanderous, offensive, inflammatory, irrational or amounting to personal attacks or interfering with the rights of other speakers.  Any person making willfully disruptive remarks while addressing the public body or while attending the meeting may be removed from the room by the presiding officer, and the person may be barred from further audience before the public body during that session.  See, Nevada Attorney General Opinion No. 00-047 (April 27, 2001); Nevada Open Meeting Law Manual, § 8.05.

In addition, any person willfully disrupting the meeting may be removed from the room by the presiding officer.  See, NRS 241.030(4)(a).  Examples of disruptive conduct include, without limitation, yelling, stamping of feet, whistles, applause, heckling, name calling, use of profanity, personal attacks, physical intimidation, threatening use of physical force, assault, battery, or any other acts intended to impede the meeting or infringe on the rights of the public body or meeting participants.



1.  Call to Order - Roll Call

2.  Public Comment - Limited to no more than three (3) minutes and is for either public comment on any action item or for any general public comment. The public may comment on agenda items by submitting a Request to Speak form to the chairperson. Comments are to be addressed to the board as a whole and not directed to or at individuals, presenters, or staff members.

3.  Approval of Agenda - For Possible Action

  1. December 7, 2017

4.  Approval of Minutes - For Possible Action

  1. November 2, 2017

5.  Announcements

6.  Update and Discussion from Reno City Councilmember Jenny Brekhus (Approximately 30 Minutes)

7.  Presentations

  1. Discussion and possible recommendations on the 2018 special events season, specifically events affecting the Ward 1, its parks and event street closures (For Possible Action) - Alexis Hill (approximately 30 minutes)

8.  Development Projects - Following presentations by a City of Reno planner and/or the project’s developer or representative, NAB members and the public will have the opportunity to ask questions about the project and provide feedback. The NAB will not take any action on development projects. NAB members and the public are encouraged to fill out the development project review form with their input. All development project review forms submitted to the community liaison at the NAB meeting or via the online form ( will be submitted to the Reno Planning Commission for consideration in the development review process. All forms must be submitted two weeks in advance of the Planning Commission meeting for input to be included in Planning Commission materials. (Approximately 20 minutes)

  1. LDC18-00030 (Gentry Motorcycle Sales and Repair) – A request has been made for a special use permit to establish a motorcycle sales facility within an existing ±25,199 square foot building.  The ±1.4 acre site is located on the north side of Gentry Way, ±329 feet east of its intersection with South Virginia Street in the Mixed Use/South Virginia Street Transit Corridor (MU/SVTC) zone.  The site has a Master Plan land use designation of Special Planning Area/South Virginia Street Transit Corridor.

PLANNER: Kyle Chisholm, Assistant Planner

CONTACT NUMBER: (775) 326-6665 EMAIL:


CONTACT NUMBER: (775) 691-2974


APN: 020-182-39


     B.  ABN18-00003 (1250 West 2nd Street Alley Abandonment) – A request has been made for the abandonment of a ±10 foot wide by ±140 foot long (1,400 square foot) public alley right-of-way.            The requested abandonment area is located on the east side Chism Street, ±180 feet south of its intersectionwith West 2nd Street within the Arterial Commercial (AC) zoning district.  The                  abandonment area has a Master Plan Land Use designation of Urban Residential/Commercial.

PLANNER: Heather Manzo, Assistant Planner

CONTACT NUMBER: (775) 334-2668


CONTACT NUMBER: (775) 321-3420 EMAIL:



      C. COA18-00001 (Mayberry Gardens) - A request has been made for a certificate of appropriateness to allow for the construction of five new commercial office buildings.  The ±3.77 acre site is            located on the south side of Mayberry Drive, ±390 feet east of McCarran Boulevard within the Open Space/Historic Landmark overlay (OS/HL) zone.  The site has a Master Plan land use                 designation of Parks/Recreation/Open Space. The subject property is located on the Local Register of Historic Places.   

PLANNER: Jeff Borchardt, AICP, Associate Planner


APPLICANTS’S REPRESENTATIVE: Savannah Russell, Summit Engineering  

CONTACT NUMBER: (775) 747-8550


APN: 009-742-02


9. Development Project Updates - The following items are to provide an update on action taken by the Planning Commission and/or City Council on development projects previously heard by the Ward 1 NAB.  NAB and public comments were submitted via the development project review form to the Reno Planning Commission.

  1. ANX18-00001 (Leroy Street Annexation) - A request has been made for annexation of one ±0.46 acre parcel. The subject site (APN 039-137-05) is located on the western end of Leroy

           Street, north of the intersection of Leroy Street and Burks Boulevard, within the City of Reno Sphere of Influence (SOI) and the City’s portion of the Truckee Meadows Service Area

           (TMSA). The subject site is currently zoned Large Lot Residential – 1 acre minimum (LLR1) and has a Master Plan Land Use designation of Single Family Residential.

10. Board Discussion and Action Items - For Possible Action

  1. Discussion and possible action related to the selection of the next Ward 1 NAB Vice Chair - Neighborhood Advisory Board - For Possible Action (Approximately 5 Minutes)

11. Old Business - Updates on Previously Heard Agenda Items or Questions Brought Up by the Ward 1 NAB

      Update on Ward 1 infrastructure and resiliency efforts. (Standing Item)

12.   Identification and prioritization of items to be placed on a future agenda of the Ward 1 Neighborhood Advisory Board for discussion and/or potential action - For Possible Action

13. Public Comment - Limited to no more than three (3) minutes and is for either public comment on any action item or for any general public comment. The public may comment on agenda items by submitting a Request to Speak form to the chairperson. Comments are to be addressed to the board as a whole and not directed to or at individuals, presenters, or staff members.

14. Adjournment - For Possible Action

If meeting goes beyond 7:30 p.m., NAB Chair may postpone the remaining items to a future agenda.


3.A. December 7, 2017 NAB Agenda

4.A. Ward 1 November 2,2017 Draft Minutes

8.A. LDC18-00030 (Gentry Motorcycle Sales and Repair)

8.B. ABN18-00003 (1250 West 2nd Street Alley Abandonment)

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