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· Ride with traffic and follow traffic laws. (Call the Office of Traffic Safety @

775-684-7470 to get a pocket guide of Nevada’s Bike Laws)

· Wear brightly colored and/or reflective clothing even during the day.

Increasing your chances of being easily seen is a good thing.

· Use lights and reflectors. A big bright shiny light that can be seen at least 500

ft. in front, reflectors on the sides of your bike, and a bright red tail light that

can be seen 30 to 500 ft. from the back of your bike.

· Put a mirror on your bicycle and keep an eye on what’s around you.

· Pick the loudest horn you can find, and use it!

· Visit the League of American Bicyclists How you can bike better

· Visit Bicycle Safe for more information on safe riding.

· Read RTC’s Cycling at Night brochure for more information on cycling in low

light conditions (dawn, dusk, overcast, etc.).

· Map of crash sites 01/01/04-06/01/07 with fatal sites marked.

· Watch this video: Bicycling Safety Video Courtesy of YouTube


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