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We hope our staff directory helps you find the appropriate department and person(s) who can best help to answer you question(s). 

Simonte, Philip Maintenance Technician Public Works - Building(775) 232-0339
SEIRER, WILLIEFPB CAPTAINFire, Fire Department - Fire Prevention(775) 233-2627
Schroeder, Amanda Reno Direct Citizen Service RepresentativeCity Manager's Office(775) 321-8325
Silvestre, PatriciaDevelopment Permit Tech.Community Development - Building(775) 321-8346
Singleton, Arvil Plans ExaminerCommunity Development - Building(775) 326-6603
Schieve, HillaryMayorCity Manager's Office(775) 334-2014
Sarkisian, Michelle Legal SecretaryCity Attorney(775) 334-2050
Sooudi, BrianChief Deputy City Attorney Criminal DivisionCity Attorney(775) 334-2050
Shipman, JonathanDeputy City Attorney IiiCity Attorney(775) 334-2057
Sendall, Chandeni Deputy City AttorneyMunicipal Court, Municipal Court - Marshal(775) 334-2073
Scheiner, CochelleSecretaryPolice - Programs and Services(775) 334-2143
Satathite, William Rec Program Specialist IParks, Recreation and Community Svcs(775) 334-2203
Suh, Kym Civil Service TechnicianCivil Service Commission(775) 334-2223
Stewart, David Maintenance Worker IPublic Works - Paint and Sign(775) 334-2243
Sallaberry, Tony P/w Crew SupervisorPublic Works - Sewer Lines(775) 334-2243
Schmith, Kevin Equipment Operator IIPublic Works - Sewer Lines(775) 334-2243
Silverio, Arturo Maintenance Worker IIIPublic Works - Sewer Lines(775) 334-2243
Stanford, Andrew Maintenance Worker IIIPublic Works - Sewer Lines(775) 334-2243
Seipel, Rolf Maintenance Worker IIPublic Works - Paint and Sign(775) 334-2246
SALLABERRY, CARRA Rec Prog Specialist IIIParks, Recreation and Community Svcs(775) 334-2262
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