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We hope our staff directory helps you find the appropriate department and person(s) who can best help to answer you question(s). 

Haffner, MelissaCourt Finance ManagerMunicipal Court(775) 334-1208
Haffner, ZacMaintenance & Operations ManagerPublic Works - Fleet Management(775) 657-4608
Hall, KarlCity AttorneyCity Attorney
Hall, TrevorFirefighterFire, Fire Department - Emergency Operations(775) 334-2300
Hamilton, LynetteAccounting ManagerFinance(775) 334-2142
Hamilton, MarkOperatorFire, Fire Department - Emergency Operations(775) 334-2300
Hammond, Lisa Office Assistant IIFinance
Hammond, MarkFirefighterFire, Fire Department - Emergency Operations(775) 334-2300
Hancock, DavidManagement AnalystCommunity Development - Program & Services Management(775) 334-2387
Haney, VictoriaOffice Assistant IIFinance(775) 334-2411
Hanson, ClaudiaPlanning ManagerCommunity Development - Planning(775) 334-2381
Hardesty, StephenManagement Analyst IPublic Works - Capital Projects(775) 321-8353
Hardy, OwenCaptainFire, Fire Department - Emergency Operations, Fire Department - Safety and Training(775) 622-7041
Harkins, David Rec Program Specialist IParks, Recreation and Community Svcs(775) 527-5353
Harlan, AimeeRecreation Leader IIIParks, Recreation and Community Svcs(775) 657-4648
Harley, JoelMarshalMunicipal Court - Marshal(775) 334-3828
Harris, JordanFirefighterFire, Fire Department - Emergency Operations(775) 334-2300
Hart, AlanEnvironmental Control OfficerPublic Works - Environmental(775) 334-2164
Hart, Maggie Rec Prog Specialist IvParks, Recreation and Community Svcs(775) 334-2262
Hart, RickFirefighterFire, Fire Department - Emergency Operations(775) 334-2300
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