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Staff Directory


We hope our staff directory helps you find the appropriate department and person(s) who can best help to answer you question(s). 

Gilbert, Nathan Associate PlannerCommunity Development - Planning(775) 334-2698
Gamilis, Stavros Engineering AssistantPublic Works - Capital Projects(775) 334-2461
Gault, Michael Irrigation System TechParks, Recreation and Community Svcs(775) 334-2270
Girard, Jeff Maintenance Technician Public Works - Building(775) 232-0331
Garretson Jr, Howard Maintenance Worker IPublic Works - Sewer Lines(775) 334-2243
Gonzales, Ernest Maintenance Worker IiiPublic Works - Pavement Maintenance(775) 334-2243
Garcia, Arnold Maintenance Worker IIIPublic Works - Sewer Lines(775) 334-2243
GALLAGHER, MICHAEL Parks Maint Worker Parks, Recreation and Community Svcs(775) 334-2270
GONZALEZ, CHRISTINA Public Service InternPolice - Programs and Services(775) 334-2155
GIBSON, DAELA Rec Program Specialist IVParks, Recreation and Community Svcs(775) 334-2262
GUICHU, JAMES Rec Program Specialist IVParks, Recreation and Community Svcs(775) 334-2262
Gil-blanco, CindiCode Compliance I(775) 334-4206
Greenwell, MarkComm Services OfficerPolice - Programs and Services(775) 334-2550
Garcia, VanessaCourt Financial Operations SpecialistMunicipal Court(775) 334-2145
Gonzalez, CarmenCourt Specialist IiiMunicipal Court(775) 334-2591
Gabrielli, CathyCourt Specialist IiiMunicipal Court(775) 334-3102
Gescheider, Deanna Director of the Office of Communication and Community EngagementCity Manager's Office(775) 348-3909
Geddes, JasonEnvironmental Services AdministratorPublic Works - Environmental(775) 334-3311
Garfield, LynellHydrologist IPublic Works - Environmental(775) 334-3395
Gitmed, MichelleManagement AssistantPolice - Programs and Services(775) 334-2110
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