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Representatives from IBM pose for a photo with the Reno City Council
The City of Reno is honored to be selected as one of only 100 recipients of IBM's prestigious Smarter Cities grant for 2013.

The grant, which provides professional consulting and services, is valued at $400,000, and will allow Reno to create sophisticated analytics software which will provide citizens and developers complete access to information on properties within the city.

Reno is partnering with the Governor's Office of Economic Development, the University of Nevada, Reno, the Nevada for Renewable Energy Commercialization, the Desert Research Institute, and EDAWN on this project to ensure that the resulting system provides effective, accurate, and useful information for our local community.

The Recommendations:

  1. Change your mindset. Develop integrated regional economic development strategy with short and long-term horizons
  2. Be one strong voice. Present one regional economic development face to the outside world
  3. Harness the data. Build regional System of Systems “analytics utility” to support economic development
  4. Brand the vision, not the slogan, for cities and region as a whole
  5. Invest in your people. Focus on education and workforce development to build foundation for future growth

Want to learn more about IBM's recommendations?

To find out more about IBM Smarter Cities Challenge grants, please visit IBM’s Smarter Cities Challenge web site at

Partners include the Governor's Office, EDAWN, UNR, DRI, and NIREC

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