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City of Reno Vision, Mission, and Priorities

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Strategic Plan


Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve and the Reno City Council met on March 10, 2015 at the Desert Research Institute (DRI) to discuss the Strategic Plan for the City of Reno. Leadership staff also took part in the day-long planning discussion. 

The City of Reno’s official, updated mission and strategic priorities received final approval on April 29, 2016. Watch the video below to learn how #ThinkReno community input was included in the Strategic Planning Sessions. Read our blog to learn more about #ThinkReno


We are a vibrant university town known for our outdoor activities, special events, arts and culture, and innovative industries.


Creating a community that people are proud to call home.

Strategic Priorities (in bold) and Goals:

Thriving Downtown and University District
Create an environment that attracts residents, students, businesses, and visitors.

Vibrant Neighborhoods and Public Places
Ensure a safe community and well-maintained public infrastructure.

Well-Managed Growth
Assure policies, services, and infrastructure are sustainable and support anticipated growth.

Strong Financial Condition
Prioritize resources to align revenues and expenditures while maintaining appropriate reserve levels.

Efficient and Dependable Business Environment
Provide predictable, efficient, and timely processes with appropriate fees and charges.

View the Strategic Priorities document and the Strategic Plan presentation for more information.


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