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Traffic congestion and safety concerns brought about the largest public works project ever undertaken in Northern Nevada, the Reno Transportation Rail Access Corridor, or ReTRAC.

The ReTRAC project depressed over 2 miles of train track that run directly through Downtown Reno. A 54-foot wide, 33-foot deep train trench was built utilizing state-of-the art planning and construction processes.

The change in Downtown Reno is astounding. No more train/car/pedestrian accidents in the ReTRAC area, traffic flow is greatly improved, emergency vehicle access is enhanced, property values of buildings adjacent to the trench have significantly increased and there are even various environmental benefits.

Thanks to ReTRAC, there are now 120 acres of new real estate (valued at more than $11.5 million dollars)  available for development or open space in downtown Reno. Check out the ReTRAC Corridor Study section to see the latest on the blueprint for these new properties surrounding the ReTRAC corridor.


ReTRAC Train
Train utilizing ReTRAC tunnel

View construction photos from start to finish:

Download the ReTRAC case study presented to National League of Cities.

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