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Who We Are

The Streets Maintenance Section provides equipment and staffing for the operations and maintenance of the City of Reno streets.  Staffing is also responsible for emergency support for snow and ice removal and flood control.

Our Responsibilities

The Streets Maintenance Section is dedicated to providing the City of Reno with safe, clean streets.  Staff strives to preserve the good pavement within the City of Reno by crack sealing over 15 million square feet per a year and slurry sealing 8 million square feet per a year.  Potholes are repaired within one working day.  If you see a pothole, please call Reno Direct at 334-INFO.

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Downtown Maintenance

Snow and Ice Control

Street Sweeping Schedule

Our employees live and work in the local community, and our families are your neighbors.  Staff cares about the quality of life in our region and are genuinely dedicated to making the City of Reno a safe and healthy place to live.  Your input is valued so if you have any suggestions on how we can best serve you, please let us know.

Downtown Maintenance - Staff provides maintenance of Redevelopment Agency facilities at the Riverwalk, the Riverwalk Extension and in those downtown areas funded through a Special Assessment Maintenance District.

Emergency Response - Streets crews provide emergency street service such as clean-up after auto accidents and spills, snow and ice removal, snow plowing and natural disaster assistance.  Assistance is also provided to police and fire personnel when necessary.  Our team is trained on heavy equipment such as front end loaders, bulldozers and backhoes to assist in our response to the City’s needs.

Paint and Sign - Staff provides safe, effective and efficient traffic flow by maintaining the City's system of traffic control signs, and pavement and curb markings. 

Parking Meters - Allocates parking resources to best serve short and long-term parking needs by designating parking zones and maintaining parking meters. 

Pavement Maintenance - Provides safe and comfortable traffic flow by maintaining the City's system of paved roadways.  Maintains the City's system of roadway fences, guardrails and unpaved shoulders within the public road rights-of-way. 

Snow and Ice Control - Crews provide roadway access during winter months in a safe manner with minimal harmful effects on the environment. 

Street Sweeping - Staff provides a clean street environment by removing debris from City streets while enhancing air and water quality of the community.

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